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Clunking Noise Coming From Rear On A Ford Transit

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bongoboy | 21:25 Thu 26th Nov 2015 | Motoring
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I have a Ford transit swb 330 2.4 2002 mk 6.
It started off with a occasional clunking noise when driving from the rear which I assumed it was something loose such as the exhaust or drive shaft joint but after checking there seems to be nothing loose at the back. Lately it has got a lot worse as the clunking noise is quite loud, but seems to die down or even disappear when driven for a while. I have checked the wheel bearings which are ok. Under load it doesn't seem to do it, but when you take your foot off the accelerator, and use the engine to slow you down that's when it does it. Very occasionally it's hard to get into 3rd gear. There's no grinding or noise, just solid resistance.
Booked in for end of next week.
Could it be anything other than a new gearbox job?


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The clunking noise could possibly be due to worn rubber bushes on the rear shock absorber (s) or the rear anti roll bar, and the 3rd gear problem could be a gear selector problem ( located on top of the gear box on a transit I believe )
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Thank you tonyav for your reply, I have taken your ideas on board and will investigate before I take it into the garage.

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Clunking Noise Coming From Rear On A Ford Transit

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