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Land Rover Defender

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BRIGHT SPARK | 20:50 Sat 21st Feb 2015 | Motoring
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Production of the Defender will cease on 15 Dec of this year....will anyone miss it?


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No because they're bringing out an almost identical update. Nice piece of marketing Land Rover.
Question Author
Thats not a Defender zac....its a mamby pamby Discovery!
Many years ago my sister was in a head-on collision whilst a passenger in a 'namby-pamby' Discovery. The couple in the other car were killed outright and the police said if they hadn't been in a Discovery my sister and her husband would have been dead as well...

// a mamby pamby Discovery!//

There is nothing mamby pamby about the Discovery, if you think there is you don't know them!
However I will concede some of todays Discovery Drivers may be more than a little mamby pamby!
I will miss it. The last reliable Land Rover marque ever built IMO. It's replacement looks like your typical "tarts cart" following that wannabee 4x4 RAV 4 mould.May appeal to the Chelsea Tractor school run mum brigade but I can't see it appealing to our Military which is always a pretty good benchmark for reliability and ruggedness.
Ex Series 3 Air Portable Driver.
Question Author
Yes retro.......the Disco is a bit limp wristed compared to the Defender...a bit of a compromise between what the bloke wants and what his missus will let him have!
In all honesty, I can't see many farmers buying the new one. Land Rover has discovered itself (and made the most of) as a luxury brand. Market forces and share prices, and all that.....
Question Author
You may be right zac...because it wont be a Defender as we know it...It will be out of the same mould as all the others.
I think your comparison is brilliant.It is what sums up this long suffering bloke who has to convince the missus he really needs the latest toy. I'm ashamed to admit my compromise was a Nissan Nivara because it ticks the boxes for my needs. 4x4 capability(essential on shooting ranges in Winter) load capacity for the miriad of rifles,ammo and brew kit etc etc etc etc etc PLUS a cosmetic mirror on the sun visor for the mem sahib with a hook to hang her hanbag.
Question Author
You let me down retro.........the Defender is built with spanners ...the Datsun with chopsticks :-)
I have trialled against the Disco and the Defender in Range Rovers and Series 3, they really are a force to be reckoned with make no mistake!!
Question Author
Ratter.......I would agree,the Defender 90 will beat most off roaders..however the Disco has the added fur coat feel.
I am with you on that. I did say I am ashamed to admit....
Was priveleged to have done the All terrain Land Rover course at Solihull.
The old boy instructors trained the Camel Rally team. We certainly put the good OLD Land Rovers and Range Rovers through their paces.Wouldn't want to try the same course with the modern day offerings of Land Rover.
The name will always be the Quality Bright, nothing out there to beat the name.
went on a landrover day out a few years ago on various terrains and drove ALL the models up to the top Range Rover, The Defender was far more fun than any of the others, a proper driving machine where you had to actually do some work all the others were just plain boring.(freelander was shocking )
Question Author
I agree chas....and if you park a 30k Defender next to a 120k Range Rover the Defender will attract the attention and will be worth more than the Range Rover in 10 years time....but few can explain why!...aint us blokes a funny bunch?
the one thing i remember was parking on a really steep slope and doing a hill start without clutch or handbrake, basically you started it in 2nd gear and it just went! (not many vehicles can do that) the instructor gave me a rollicking as i kept putting my foot on the clutch as we are all taught to do..

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Land Rover Defender

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