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Children learning to drive

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AB Editor | 09:24 Tue 03rd Feb 2015 | Motoring
43 Answers

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  • My children did/will have driving lessons with an instructor - 105 votes
  • 52%
  • My children did/will have driving lessons with an instructor but I will also teach them - 88 votes
  • 44%
  • I taught/will teach my children how to drive (without paid instruction) - 8 votes
  • 4%

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We taught basic driving,
Instructor taught passing the Test.
Ny daughters dad taught her how to drive then she took lessons. My son went straight to an instructor. I haven't got the patience to teach someone how to drive.
I don't think it's a good Idea to Teach them as the way the drive today is totally different, they rely on their brakes too much & IF it ever comes to the Crunch, they would not know what to do should a brake failure ever happen, also we old fart's have too many bad habits.
That is modern teaching, to use the brakes TWR.

In our day we were taught to use engine braking, but now it is 'gears to go, brakes to slow'
I was driving for about 6 months before I had a single lesson. I only had 4 lessons before I took my test.

I must admit though I did pass my CBT and get a scooter at the age of 16, so already had a years road knowledge before hand. Not to mention I've been riding motorbikes since the age of 7 (on private land of course). Tractors, dumpers and a JCB at the age of 12.

I've always wanted to drive a bus.
TWR I disagree,us 'old farts' probably have bad habits (for sure) but most can actually drive, as opposed to sitting in front of the steering wheel and pointing. I was taught to double de clutch, slow the car on the gears if the brakes failed,how to get out of a slow skid -all by my father. Instructors teach you how to pass your Test, not how to drive. Our children have all been able to drive since the age of about 8 -the Land rover around the fields - then taken lessons at school with Instructors how to pass the driving test.
In Theory it looks good, in reality FOR "F-----KS sake" Hopkirk
Hopkirk: Is that something that has happened recently then (in the last 10 - 15 years)? I was always taught to use engine braking. In fact a lot of the time I'd hardly use my brakes.
Teaching on a farm is good Practice, with the slides, slippery surface, that modern day events Rretro, a lot do not get that experience.
So what are they teaching now? Going to a junction and instead of using the gears just brake and go from 4th to 1st? I once did that with my father in the car after I'd past my test and he went mental!
Retrochic: I totally agree. I was taught in theory by my step father (advanced driver and now an ex lorry driver) before I even got into a car. I knew the concept of what was required to get out of sticky situations and then it just took a little practice. Double de clutching was the first thing I learnt how to do.

I wonder how many youngsters could get a vehicle back home without any clutch at all - I bet not many. You could probably do that in your sleep - my mum certainly can (not literally).
Have you ever had a Brake Failure? not very nice
Yes Retro, slow using the brakes, select the appropriate gear and pull away.
Brake pads are cheaper than clutches.
TWR: Yeah, on the motorway, but luckily I felt them go and wasn't going very fast. I just slapped on the hazards, rolled to a stop on the hard shoulder and threw my amber flashing maintenance light on the roof. After getting out the passenger door and climbing over the crash barrier, I called for assistance. I also called the police switch board to inform them of the situation. The police turned up very quickly.
I've had brake failure. Luckily I was going slow but still scary.
What's wrong with using the handbrake?
I had brake failure going down a slight incline to a junction with a main road -most frightening. I used gears and handbrake to stop and then managed to drive the 3 miles back home on country roads,very scary.
I'll admit though it is rather frightening, I was lucky to be on the motorway.

I've also had a motorbike seize on me whilst doing 50mph whilst on the way to my work placement at a garden centre. Some idiot at college (resident who must of done it at night) decided it was going to be a good joke to drain my oil. Having a motorbike lock up on your doing that speed is some what scarier. I still prefer bikes though.

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Children learning to drive

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