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Children learning to drive

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AB Editor | 09:24 Tue 03rd Feb 2015 | Motoring
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  • My children did/will have driving lessons with an instructor - 105 votes
  • 52%
  • My children did/will have driving lessons with an instructor but I will also teach them - 88 votes
  • 44%
  • I taught/will teach my children how to drive (without paid instruction) - 8 votes
  • 4%

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Hopkirk -try slowing on a handbrake while going 60 mph......
Retrochic: I wouldn't like to drive 3 miles home on country roads with just a handbrake - no wonder it was frightening, especially if you have to slow down (for what ever reason) on a bend. You'd end up losing the back end if you didn't know what you were doing. Although chances are if you didn't know what you were doing, you'd of written the car off before hand when the brake failure first happened.
This is where the gears should be brought back instead of relying on the brakes, but's that my view.
TWR: Maybe it has something to do with people rushing? When I was taught to drive I'd judge the distances and not be hard braking like a lot seem to do nowadays. I see people driving at 40mph up to a set of traffic lights which are clearly on red and aren't going to change in the next 3 seconds it takes them to brake.
Some people drive like loons. I don't understand the acceleration and don't get to your destination any quicker.
That's what they call forward thinking Dizmo, I doubt the Youngsters do that.
Dizmo it wasn't too bad as our country roads are very quiet country roads over moorland,no hedges etc. However, I did learn, on that occasion, that it is illegal to drive with your hazards on,which I find stupid beyond belief as if you are driving along slowly with no brakes you are a hazzard!
TWR...I think you'd be surprised at just how careful the youngsters are. Their insurance is so high they can't afford any claims.
If I go into town with my daughter its like a white knuckle ride -she accelerates like warp 9 slams her brakes on goes around corners far too fast and doesn't use her gears properly -she just calls me an old codger!
Retrochic: I suppose it's illegal because it can be misleading? Personally if I was driving without brakes, I'd have my hazards on as well. If you get stopped you just apologies and say that you had to stop earlier because a fox or a cat ran across the road. "I'm sorry officer, I had to stop quickly on that last bend because of an animal in the road. I put my hazards on and I've accidentally forgot to turn them off". Jobs a good-un :)
I do think the Insurance company's take the Izzzzzz out of the youg drivers Ummmm, I think it's very unfair, but what do you do you expect when you see the accidents that some are involved in every week in your local paper.
My friend used to drive like that. I'm sure he thought he was flying the USS Enterprise whilst in the drivers seat. "It's alright when we hit that hedge at 90mph, the shields will protect us". I couldn't criticise because I wasn't driving at the time and he would of probably thrown me out the car. He's changed now though.
The only reason young drivers Insurance is that high is the fact the percentage of claims from young people is high , so obviously not all of them are 'careful'
Not Nit Picking Retro, the Only time Hazards are within the law is on the Motorway to warn traffic behind of "Whatever" or on the hard shoulder, stupid, but that's how it is.
Did you say my Friend Dizmo? I would have cracked him / her.
TWR: If I judged everyone I know by something stupid they do or did I'd have nobody - especially not myself, because I've made some humongous mistakes!

He wised up pretty quick when he starting seeing a woman with children.
I think it unfair to assume that every young driver is an idiot, in the same way that every older driver isn't necessarily sensible.

The youngsters these days have to pass far more stringent testing than I ever did in the seventies.
The problem is Hoppy, it's difficult to test "attitude". You do the learning, pass the test and then your idiotic friends say "you can forget all that now and drive how you like". They egg you on to do stupid things and peer-pressure makes you give in.
Again...I think our youngsters are being under estimated.

Teenagers can only afford to drive round in small cars. That will never be cool...
Hopkirk, what are the more stringent tests todays youngsters have to do? I know they have a theory test but when I took my test I had to know the Highway code backwards, but unlike today, we weren't given answers to choose from and the examiner wanted the correct answer straight away. It was more stressful sitting next to the examiner asking questions then in a classroom with the right answers in front of you. I'm not disputing what you're saying, just wondering why you think the modern test is a lot harder.

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Children learning to drive

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