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Driving Licence

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Bazile | 14:36 Tue 19th Aug 2014 | Motoring
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Are paper driving licences to be widthdrawn soon ?


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Hope not, rather fond of mine ;)

I still have mine. Do I need to get another one?
there was something about this last year, apparently it was going to be October but I've heard nothing since so it may just have been an intention that never got to fruition.
Question Author
i've become rather attached to mine ( now held together by sellotape )
Apparently the paper counterpart is to be abolished this year, followed by the actual paper licences next year:
Tora, that link is from 2011, and is now incorrect.

Paper counterparts are to go in Jan 2015, but old style paper licences pre 1998 are not being abolished.
Thanks for that Hopkirk....I've spent ages Googling + have been unable to find a definitive answer.

x x
You may well keep it until you're 70 years old, I did. You will then trade it in for a new plastic photo licence.
Yes Hopkirk, well done for finding the up to date answer to this.
Ah, so an end to, "May I see your licence sir", when stopped from chicaning down the road from the ale house ?
Not so OG. You will have to show your plastic photo driving licence.

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Driving Licence

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