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Losing Your Car

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AB Editor | 09:02 Thu 24th Jul 2014 | Motoring
23 Answers

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  • Yes, but only briefly! - 5 votes
  • 63%
  • Yes, and it was stolen! - 2 votes
  • 25%
  • No, never. - 1 vote
  • 13%
  • Yes, for more than a day! - 0 vote
  • 0%

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when I lived in France...they didn't get far, no damage.
In Sainsbury's car park.
The police found mine 3 weeks later, burnt out.
It was stolen the night before the company family Christmas party and presents for about 60 kids were in it.
I didn't feel very jolly the next day.
Question Author
I wonder if those who have lost it for more than a day, and it hasn't been stolen, have just forgot that they lost it?

1ozzy - that's a shame.
I thought my car had been stolen from a supermarket carpark but then I remembered that I'd walked.
i once 'lost' my car at Royal navy , Culdrose , air base , in Crornwall .

The air show had just finished , and it took us ages to locate our vehicle on the car park
I once parked in a shopping centre car park on the outskirts of North London (can't remember where) and was in a big hurry. Said centre has two identical car parks albeit for handrails and doors being painted different colours. I went to what I thought was the correct level and space when I wnated to leave only to find the car not there. Blind panic ensued (It was a company pool car) until I finally figured out what had happened. Doh!
I would like to have put for more than a day but the system would not let me. Some toerag nicked my MGB and it turned up 3 days later and 8 miles from where it was stolen.
You could start my Chevette with a teaspoon and one day that is what someone did. They raced it up and down the M56 until the big end bearings dissolved and then abandoned it. My insurers gave me £300 for it, less £10 scrap value and let me keep the car. Got a fresh engine from the scrap yard for £35 and after half a day of work and a lot of swearing my 'vette was back on the road.
Welcome, kev- you can just answer again to finish off your answer. Don't press submit until you are happy with what you've typed. Good luck
thanks factor-fiction - I've just noticed that this poll is closed which is why I couldn't find anywhere to type 'b', except here I suppose...silly me.
Yes, Poole, Dorset, I think it was. We left it in a multi story car park, when we returned it was gone, we phoned the Police and they were brilliant, so brilliant that they found it in another multi story car park just up the road where we had left it!!! We were searching the wrong car park.
Yes. It was stolen from Ashford station car park. After the police recovered it a day later, it was handed over to me in their car pound, covered in fingerprint powder, with not a word said to me about the tax being 3 weeks overdue (obviously I taxed it as soon as possible afterwards - this was nearly 40 years ago before computerised records).
Ours was towed away once.
We had parked it perfectly legally overnight then the next day the police or whoever had decided to closed the street it was parked on.
Bit of a shock to the system when there it was....gone!
Phone call to the police revealed that they had towed it round the corner where it was waiting for us. Relief all round.

On a lighter note, I fairly often 'lose' my car in supermarket car parks.
I try to always park it in the same place but all these other people will take my spot(s).
Sign of old age, I suppose.
My son ran out of petrol on a country road near home one evening; he walked home and waited for my wife & I to return home a few hours later after socialising. I ran him back to get his petrol can from the car, but found the fire brigade there dousing down the flames as some toerag had set fire to the car when they found that it wouldn't start! I informed his insurers as he was covered for Third Party, Fire & Theft, and was told that they would send an assessor before paying out. After hearing nothing for three months I contacted the insurers who told me that when the assessor arrived the car wasn't anywhere to be found (I can only assume that the Council took it away within a couple of days). After arguing the insurers eventually paid out, but they said that normally a car is stolen then burnt out not burnt out then stolen!!
Lost ours for two hours at the end of the day at Alton Towers. In my, sorry our defence it was school holidays so car parks were rammed, I have a silver Vectra so pretty hard to distinguish and finally all the car parks looked the same with little signage.

Finally found it as dusk arrived after checking with the reception where are car was most likely to be from our arrival time and the car parks being finally emptied.

Now have an app on my phone for such times :-)

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