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Silent Danger Of Electric Cars

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AB Editor | 15:51 Tue 08th Apr 2014 | Motoring
36 Answers

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  • Yes, without it they're a silent danger. - 165 votes
  • 54%
  • No, people should take responsibility for their own safety. - 86 votes
  • 28%
  • No, the roads are noisy enough as they are! - 53 votes
  • 17%

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I could have gone with a or b but ultimately it is just common sense to have sufficient warning of approach. We all miss seeing things sometimes. The law ought to know human weaknesses and work with them, not penalise folk for simply being human. Authorities have a duty of looking out for citizens, as otherwise what are they elected for ? It's just a case on knowing where to draw the line and not crossing into being patronising and controlling.
Momentum / bulk very different from pushbikes. And they are a pain, maybe wouldn't be so bad if they were pushed !
Will it soon become, stop, look, look rather than, stop, look, listen in the road safety campaigns then?
I think it's about time Mobility Scooters has "IN MOTION BLEEPERS"
Question Author
"Yes, no difference from pushbikes"

Yes, but I ring my bell when it looks like a pedestrian wants to leap in front of my wheels :)

I do like the fact that it's a question of what sound you'd like, rather than the dangers of a silent car passing the playpark!
I don't expect electric cars to be a significant problem in my lifetime ... but ...

Mobility Scooters are a fecking menace - the whole law surrounding them needs tightening up. Not to prevent anyone using them, but to ensure the safety of other pavement and shop users.

Restrict the dratted things to 3mph (which is still better than parity with other pedestrians) and insist on proper training/licensing/insurance - with a damn great ID plate so that the user can be found and prosecuted for dangerous driving.
The wheels of all electric cars should have spokes, so that a ruggedised playing card may be affixed to poke through the spokes and create a cool sound. Here is a prototype ...
Question Author
Does no one think the world will be just a bit too noisy with the selection of icecream-vans noises, psh-bike-wheel noises and brian blessed noises coming from all our cars?
Maybe I missed it, but did anyone mention 'tyre noise'? Nowadays, most engines are so quiet- that tyre noise overrides all else!
As far as I'm concerned, the quieter traffic is, all the better.
As for safety, you WILL hear the tyres!
Matheous: As for safety, you WILL hear the tyres!

Not a low speed you won't - I nearly got knocked down by a car in a queue waiting to load a ferry.
Yes,-but you are unlikely to be fatally injured at 20mph or less!
Sorry, I didn't realise it was OK to injure people.
Anyway, what was the accident rate for towns who once sported electric trolley busses?
Just as much concerned by the increasing number of motorised mobility scooters now on both our roads and pavements. When is the government going to grasp the nettle and decree that the drivers-for that is what they are-need some kind of insurance?
bhg481....No I'm not saying that but there is risk all around us-even just walking as a pedestrian distracted by whatever-and colliding with a stationary pole. Let alone the usual 'slips,trips & falls'
Everyone has to be alert-pedestrians and drivers alike.
Has not this poll passed it's use by date?

Parp, parp....

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Silent Danger Of Electric Cars

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