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Drivers License Replacement

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Baby_Sham | 11:46 Tue 08th Apr 2014 | Motoring
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I've lost my drivers license, both card and paper part, and have just applied for a new one online.
It said at the end that they would send me a 'application completion form' which I would need to fill in and send back before they could process my request.
Does anyone know if there's an option to change the photograph on there? Would I be able to send a new photo with it and, if I did, would they put it on to the new card?



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I don't know about that but be sure you used the correct website, was it this one?
Question Author
It was, yes. Thanks :)
If you have a passport, you can opt to let the DVLA contact the passport office and DVLA will then use the photograph from there.

Check it's got '' in the URL or you'll end up paying twice, once to them for preparing your application, and once to DVLC for actually doing it!
I don't know when you last renewed your passport but I am pretty sure the DVLA have started using that photo in the last couple of years or so.

Can only do that with 'Chipped' Passports
Hence my cautious response Baldric :-)

///send me a 'application completion form' which I would need to fill in and send back///
Sounds to me like that could be the Official Form which they will send to the DVLA along with another Fee from you.

Google, 'Driving Licence Scams'
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Had to be pedantic and I'm bound to be told to shut up, but the document is a driving licence (with a 'c'). "License" (with an 's') is the verb "to license". Easiest way to remember these words is by remembering advice and advise because they are pronounced differently. You advise somebody (the verb) by providing them with advice (the noun). Similarly you license somebody to drive by providing them with a driving licence.
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Just had a look at the Link in Fitzers post @ 11:51, doesn't say anything about sending out an additional completion form
If you already had a photo license they will use the existing photo, as they do with renewals. To use a different photo you will be charged.
When I renewed my licence they wouldn't accept my passport photo as it had less than 5 years to run.
I wouldn't want my passport photo on my driving licence - I look like a mad Russian grandmother in my passport :-(

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Drivers License Replacement

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