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Silent Danger Of Electric Cars

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AB Editor | 15:51 Tue 08th Apr 2014 | Motoring
36 Answers

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  • Yes, without it they're a silent danger. - 165 votes
  • 54%
  • No, people should take responsibility for their own safety. - 86 votes
  • 28%
  • No, the roads are noisy enough as they are! - 53 votes
  • 17%

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If only we could go back to the days when a chap walked in front with a red flag.
Maybe musical chimes like ice cream vans, I voted yes - purely from my own perspective of partial sightedness.
Great stuff Sandy! The cyclists dream.
Question Author
Someone pointed out the question is a bit long.

We're asking:

"Should electric cars be forced to make the same or similar noises as petrol/diesel cars?"
Question Author
Mamya - Maybe you could set the tune?
I want to vote for all 3 options. I suppose you still have to look out for cyclists already, so shouldn't take long to get used to.
Pixie, I am fine with cyclists, I can get them with my stick....Joke!!
Are you confused again Matron? Did you mean "psychos"?
Yes, I get those too.
For those who do....
I went for B but what I can't fathom why there is an obsession with electric cars, they are incredibly energy innefficiant, generally burning 5 times the fossil fuels that normal cars do. It's actually less polluting to have a coal fired steam car! Personally I think the way forward is to have small engines charging batteries that drive the car, like the old deisel electric idea.

They should sound like this and
so should Police Cars
Question Author
Do any of you think it's inevitable that people would get used to silent cars?
In America they do.
yes, no difference from pushbikes
The latest conventional engine cars are very quiet around town at 30mph and under. Tyre/ road noise is often as loud as or louder than the engine.
You could select the noise you would like on your car as an optional extra.

Ice cream van (as suggested by Mamy), F1 racing car, herd of stampeding elephants or Brian Blessed screaming "Get out of my way".

The possibilities are endless.
Agree with 2sp ^

just like choosing your ring tones:

galloping horses
steam train
retro - 1953 Mercedes or a 1910 Rolls Royce

I've always suspected that the 'engine noise' on the new Jubilee Line was just a sound effect

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Silent Danger Of Electric Cars

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