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Tyre replacement

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Sasso1 | 15:42 Fri 24th Aug 2012 | Motoring
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National Tyres are advertising Barum & Avon tyres "Buy 1 get 1 Free" I only do about 3000 miles a year and need to replace the front tyres. Has anyone had experience with National Tyres on this special offer?
Any advice appreciated



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They will charge top money for one tyre and give you the other one for "Free"...
If you want the new tyres balanced, they will charge you extra.... x2
and dont forget they will charge you for new valves ... x2
Oh and a small fee for disposing of the old tyres.. x2

Not quite the bargain you thought it was..!

Just go for budget tyres at your local garage, doing 3000 miles a year.. you should easily get 3 years from front tyres.

Better still get a quote from both suppliers, and play one against the other to get the best price.
are you sure they have your size in stock, sometimes they wont have them.
I'm sure I've used them in the past and not had issues. Don't recall valve and disposal charges, but you can always ask before agreeing.
I have used barum tyres for years, If you buy them from this site....

They are around 40% cheaper than other places even Nationwide, fitting is included, new valves are included and ballancing is included, you order the tyres from the site and they are sent to your nearest Nationwide to be fitted.
I disagree with alavahalf.

Never ever buy budget tyres. Your life is more valuable than that.

Try here

If you buy them on line, they will probably be fitted by National Tyres, but cheaper than they charge their own customers.
Never heard of Mytyres but F1Autcentres will beat ay quote. Check the full price including balancing, valves, fitting.
hopkirk, i have to agree with you.
the tyres are what keeps your car stuck to the tarmac, i never buy budget tyres but usually go for nankang.
The favourite ploy of tyre changers is to find problems with your wheel discs where the brake pads rub up against. These can cost £200 or more to replace. What they find is indentations in the disc but shouldn't happen if you change your pads when they need doing.
a bit late but I only ever use National tyres, great service and a decent price. Avon are a good tyre, less road noise

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Tyre replacement

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