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Motoring Pet Hates 2012

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AB Editor | 13:48 Wed 11th Apr 2012 | Motoring
51 Answers

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  • Lack of indication - 77 votes
  • 24%
  • Cutting up, late lane changes and pulling into your braking distance - 76 votes
  • 24%
  • Tailgating - 67 votes
  • 21%
  • Rude drivers who do not acknowledge others - 46 votes
  • 14%
  • Hogging the middle lane - 31 votes
  • 10%
  • Unnecessary fog-lights - 17 votes
  • 5%
  • Poor, slow or inconsiderate parking - 5 votes
  • 2%

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lack of indicating make me see red and go into berserker mode, esp as i'm a pedestrian most of the time
14:08 Wed 11th Apr 2012
I couldn't possibly just pick one.
lack of indicating make me see red and go into berserker mode, esp as i'm a pedestrian most of the time
Lack of indication does it for me.
Tailgating does it for me.
All of the above
I went for cutting up, but what really gets me is drivers who think roundabouts are places to overtake, so I suppose that's cutting up as well really.
The whole lot really get me going, I must be a most intolerant driver, but they're all nowhere near as good a driver as I am, so I just shout from inside my little box
Question Author
D97x7 - I agree, it falls under that "lane discipline" category.

I know it's tempting to just pick one, but which is the most annoying?
The whole lot for me as well.
OK. I picked C. But not indicationg comes in a close second.
I went for tailgating.
Not indicating!
I voted for C but I always drive with the assumption that every other driver is a total idiot and refuse to get annoyed.
When you have driven for 3 years in Saudi Arabia where there are no road rules , driving test or highway code and survived without a scratched bumper you tend to have a very relaxed attitude to UK/European drivers. Once you have met a 5 litre pick up truck doing 110mph the wrong way down a dual carrige way at night with no lights and 4 kids in the open back things like lack of indication seem less worrying.
no lights in fog alongside all of the above
Cutting corners seems to have become the norm these days.

My favourite today is the lady who shot out of a side street mouthing "sorry" as I slapped the anchors on and covered my eyes in mock horror!
I don't want to choose I want to rank them!!!

I don't care if I'm not acknowledged, I rarely show a courtesy beyond what is expected of me in the Highway Code and don't expect a hand signal acknowledging my generously giving way at the give way sign.

I'm going to bit my tongue now because I have something to say on just about every point.
all of them...obviously... but probably the ones i get most angry at is cutting up and they are probably the most immediately dangerous and can be hair-raising ...
but in terms of just plain irritation its the parking - i hate it when people park on corners and either block your view or inhibit your exit and entry, also when they park right up to your bumper
They are all things that annoy me but tailgating is the one I really hate. Why don't they just get a sticker on their windscreen saying " I don't really understand how to drive properly". If you follow too close it does nothing positive at all. Most drivers won't speed up if that is the aim. If you want to overtake, having space in front give you a better view ahead, allows you to build speed before moving onto the other side of road which means you can overtake more easily. As for the many safety implications, I doubt they care.
One of my particular annoyances as the driver of a speed limited vehicle is the "knight of the road" who sticks to the 40 mph limit on single carriageways as per the law then goes flat out on dual carriageways denying me the chance to pass safely.
Got it drummed into me as a learner - indicate, indicate, indicate. It's about giving information to others - drivers and pedestrians alike.

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