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New radio security code needed - or blown fuse?

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Laura4363 | 14:16 Wed 11th Apr 2012 | Motoring
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Hi, had the battery replaced on my Fiat Stilo and now the radio doesn't come on. Have been told it needs the security code reset, but according to the manual the screen should be saying "code". Well it doesn't say anything, it just doesn't come on at all. So is it more likely to be a blown fuse or something?
I know I know, why don't you just check the fuse you're all saying, well I would do, except I sold the car to my brother-in-law who doesn't live locally and he's now complaining he has to pay £25 +VAT to get the radio reset by Fiat. He knew the radio wasn't working when he bought it but assumed he'd be able to reset it, but I haven't got the code for it.
Any ideas?
TIA :o)


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You will not get the code on here laura, it's a no go area, ask him to check the paperwork with the car or take the radio out, at times it is written on the top of the radio, or try EBay.
if the radio does not light up at all, then frst check the fuse.
most radio codes are available on ebay as twr said. don't spend silly money taking it to fiat.
I presume only the dashes come up Laura? the radio is light up & request's a code, am I right? why can't he check the fuses? it does not take a brain surgeon tell him.
Mine you have to press Prog and RDS down simultaneously, wait until the code button comes up, and then put in the code. Had to do it at the w/end.
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Thanks for your replies.
Sorry, I wasn't trying to get the code on here, and I've checked the paperwork and it's not there. I've told him he may need to take the radio out to get the serial number but he says he doesn't know how (he's not the sharpest tool in the box lol).
The radio is completely dead. It's not lighting up or requesting anything. This is why I'm not convinced it is the code that's needed. But if it is, I've looked online and can get it reset for £7.50 if only he can manage to get the flipping thing out to get the number.
Should have known better than to sell it to a family member!
If there's no sign of life there's no power reaching it, most likely the fuse.
Laura, at each end of the face of the raidio there are 2 holes depending on the radio, your family member needs to find out from his local car spares shop what type of withdraw tools the radio needs, they are not that expensice, then let him get on with it, does the twit know how to switch the radio on? lol.

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New radio security code needed - or blown fuse?

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