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Marijn | 19:15 Tue 10th Apr 2012 | Motoring
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Is there somewhere where you can find the speed limit of various roads?
My son has a speeding fine for going 57 mph in a 50 area, but he thought it was a 60 area. It was A11 Barton Mills


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Is this where you mean?

quote "The 50 mph speed limit on both carriageways is the final stage of the safety improvements that have been carried out on this stretch of the A11 between Chalk Hill and Barton Mills."

Been that way since 2003
It don't answer your question or help your son much but,
a decent sat nav will tell you all the speed limits as you pass through different zones, all very handy when you are in strange territories.
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Thanks for your answers. This must've been a police van, as the photo was taken of the front of the car. VA0011BFA/A11 was the location of the so-called speeding; it doesn't say if it was between Chalk Hill and Barton Mills.
Has he actually been fined and got the points or just the NIP. I only ask as I got done for doing 37 in 30 limit and they are putting me on the speed awareness course. No points and pay 90 quid instead of the 60. I think it is worth it to avoid the prosecution and the points.
Here is a highlighted map indicating the 50mph section of the A11 adjacent to Barton Mills...
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Thank you very much. He said that may have been the bit he was on. It's a shame because I thought you were allowed the speed limit, plus ten per cent, plus two. Either way, he thought it was a 60mph road. He'll be more careful in future.
Question Author
I missed your answer before Grasscarp. He has got a letter from Enterprise hire cars. (He is using one of their cars because a driver crashed into the back of his car). Anyway, Enterprise have charged him £35 for sending the letter to him to say he has a speeding offence. They have informed Suffolk Police of his name and address and we await the official letter re the speeding offence from Suffolk Police. So I don't know if he'll be offered a Speed Awareness course yet, or how much they will ask him for.
"I thought you were allowed the speed limit, plus ten per cent, plus two".
I often hear that said but I'm not sure it's true. It makes a nonsense of speed limits if everyone factors in such a large margin.

I think the speedos on my last two cars have been calibrated to overstate the speed slightly (by 5-10%) so if mine shows 30 I'm only really doing 28.
This “10% + 2” allowance is mythical, factor, in that one can be prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit by any amount, however small. However, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has issued guidance to police and safety partnerships (who look after the cameras) to help them decide whether to issue a fixed penalty (FP) or a court summons. The guidance for FP action does indeed follow the 10% + 2 formula and action would not normally be taken at speeds below this level. (Indeed I believe most cameras are set so as not to activate below this level). The main reason for this is to avoid large numbers of frivolous challenges involving calibration of equipment or judgement errors in the case of police following a vehicle and recording their speed manually.

For interest the ACPO guidance on the upper limit for FP eligibility is as follows:

20mph: 34mph
30mph: 49mph
40mph: 65mph
50mph: 75mph
60mph: 85mph
70mph: 95mph

At speeds above these levels a fixed penalty would not normally be offered and the driver would receive a summons to attend court. However, this is not set in stone and other circumstances might prevail which may mean those limits are reduced or increased. Additionally, of course, if the driver had nine or more “active” penalty points on his licence a FP would not be offered in any circumstances, whatever the speed, and he would have to attend court to be considered for disqualification under the “totting up” rules.
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Thank you for your answers. They're much appreciated.

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