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Hydrogren Powered Cars

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AB Editor | 15:28 Thu 15th Mar 2012 | Motoring
19 Answers

Hydrogen Powered Cars

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  • No - 40 votes
  • 68%
  • Yes - 19 votes
  • 32%

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What, a highly inflammable fuel? - a bit like petrol.
15:57 Thu 15th Mar 2012
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What, a highly inflammable fuel? - a bit like petrol.
Voted no for now but wouldn't rule it out in the future.
Dont worry, they still haven't solved the onboard storage issues - the weight of holding those tiny little molecules is prohibitive.
-- answer removed --
Don't worry DT, they have solved that issue

errr - thanks for deleting my post - but I was merely trying to help by pointing out that it is hydrogen not hydroGren... :=)
there isn't a don't know option
Depends how easy it was to find a place to refuel, and what the costs were.
Maybe if I lived near Swindon

like electric powered cars, hydrogen is not a "green" fuel. Hydrogen is abundant but usually attached to something else. The separation involves vast amounts of electricity. Fossil fuels are much better used directly rather than in what is bascially a third phase of power wastage.
Agree with you on that D9f1 - a diesel engine is far more efficient than generating electricity even from something like NG.
what dangers? are you linking hydrogen with the hydrogen bomb that's a bit silly, when they figure out the storage probs it will be very safe and ultimately clean
clean! do you know how hydrogen is produced?
As water is the only 'emission' there should be storage tanks on them in the south and south east - water shortage sorted!!!
Just build a hydrogen production facility, powered by a solar power station, somewhere in the tropics. Simples.
have you seen what it "costs the earth " to produce a beefburger!!
everything cost but at least by clean i mean car emissions
I just wonder if people are getting blinded by this, yes burn hydrogen get water, but to strip hydrogen from whatever it's attached to uses huge amounts of electricity. Fine if that comes from Fusion but the eco wariors hate that too. Renewable sources also great but we know in reality it will be the vast reserves of fossil fuels, increasingly coal. Burning coal to make electricity get's you 20% of the energy in the coal. Using that to make hydrogen get's you 20% of that so essentially 96% of the initial fuel is wasted. Better to make coal powered steam cars!

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Hydrogren Powered Cars

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