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No Fault Accident Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance

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heedthebaw | 22:35 Thu 15th Mar 2012 | Motoring
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I was involed in a single car accident in February 2010 in which my car was written off. I informed my insurance company but obviously could not make a claim.

For the past two years i've driven my mums car as a named driver.

My question is; now I have the means to buy my own car, what will the effect be on my insurance? Obviously I have to state that i've been in an accident in the past 5 years, but will my no claims for the two years I owned the previous vehicle (in which I had the accident) still be valid?

The insurance was fully paid for the year and they even sent me a renewal in June 2010 so was curious as to how insurance companies now would see this.


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Generally the insurance companies will retain any "no claims bonus" for two years. If you have not held insurance in your name for over two years you have probably lost it. My wife and I both have over 9 yrs NCD each and when we went from running two cars to one we were advised to insure the car alternate years so we both retained our individual NCD.
As to the accident, did you have "protected no claims bonus"? Even if you did have the NCD protected I suspect it will have expired by now.
Contact a broker for his opinion and a quote. Then check on line for a quote.
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The insurance expired in June 2010, so would still be valid inside the two year period today. That is unless the insurance expired when I informed them of the accident, but the renewal letter was sent to me in June of that year.
Some policies give named drivers a no claims bonus, worth checking if you Mums policy does.
An accident normally takes 2 years off your NCB so if you only had 2 years to start with it would be zero now. But even if your Mums policy does not give you a NCB as a named driver you can still often get a discount as an experienced driver, go to a broker and ask for a quote or go online.
My wife was off the road for a couple of years after having a stroke. Her insurers were prepared to keep her NCD for three years but it never came to that.

Within 6 months of starting to drive again she drove into a tree and lost it anyway.

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No Fault Accident Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance

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