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malagabob | 08:18 Sun 19th Feb 2012 | Motoring
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Have just put the car through its MOt and have been given what i can only describe as a piece of A4 paper. Why have they changed, have blank MOTs been stolen like V5s.


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Yeap, and look very easy to forge !
The new MOT "piece of A4 paper" is not a document or certificate at all, it is a RECEIPT, to show that your car has passed the MOT test and been entered onto the VOSA computer.

As for ease or forgery, it does not matter, as anyone, such as the police, who needs to know if your car has a valid MOT will check with VOSA. To them the piece of paper is not proof of an MOT.

I guess a garage could give you a forged receipt and not actually test the car, but then you could sue them for fraud, and it is also easy to check on-line at
to see if the reciept is genuine.

just recently had one of these myself,it is just a receipt, i also assume its easier for the garage to print on a black & white laser printer.No point in forging as everything is checkable on line and you cant tax the vehicle if it isnt uploaded to DVLA.
Correct, it's an A4 piece of paper. VOSA changed from coloured cerificates last Autumn, and this piece of paper also records vehicles that have failed tests, items which have to be advised on etc. Testing stations have gone from having several different forms of stationary in stock to just plain paper. It's a saving for VOSA as the garage has to pay for this paper. As for forgery, each test is electronically recorded and checkable on line, and each receipt is produced by a stand alone computer and printer supplied to testing stations by VOSA which is connected to the DVLA. The police do not rely on this piece of paper as they check everything on their PNC and the post office checks MOT and insurance validity on line as well. The only caution really is when buying cars and the seller is producing this receipt it should be checked by the buyer on line for its genuineness.
The only way of producing this receipt is via this computer after entering the vehicle details. VOSA monitor test stations electronically and the national average test time is about 45 minutes so if tests were only taking 10 minutes VOSA would be aware, so fraud is minimal.

Along the same lines I have just received a new 'red' registration document for my car, the reason given that a lot of blank green ones had been stolen so we're all getting them. I expect lots of you have already too.
agree Prudie, I've not long received my red one, too. Useful info re the MOT cert though, as my car's in for MOT tomorrow.

you've been told crap, it's all about cost savings.

Good luck with it boxy (my daughter has a daihatsu sirion which she inherited from my late mother - you are the only other person I have ever heard of having one!!!)

And sorry malagabob - I see you mentioned the stolen V5s
Quite how anyone can believe that the DVLA choosing to replace zillions of old style V5 with a red V5C, sent to each registered keeper, can count as a 'cost saving' beats me.

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