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My Mot Ran Out And I Am In France - Please Help

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loveroy80 | 19:56 Sun 18th Jun 2017 | Motoring
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Dear all,

I desperately require some specific advice. I am in France since early this year. My insurance is valid(?) till the end of the year. I mixed up my MOT and Tax dates and just realised my MOT ran out first instead of the tax. In this situation:

I can go back to the UK and get a MOT. An internet search is telling me that I should make a confirmed booking, keep some sort of print out of that booking incase I am stopped and should drive directly to the MOT center at Folkstone. Is it still a good advice?

On top of the MOT issue I made a terrible mistake when I left the UK based on very bad advise. As my stay would be significantly long in France so I filled up the "Exporting the car" (section 11 ?) of the V5 document and posted it to DVLA.

Based on this gaffe, I have no idea how to address the MOT issue as I have no idea how that would reflect on the whole situation or on my insurance. In hindsight I should not have done what I have. Now I need to find out what need to be done. SO PLEASE HELP.


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Whoops. Don't think your insurance is valid without a current MOT. I would talk to the AA or the RAC. They'll help with good advice and you can subsequently join for £50-ish.
Don't worry, your insurance is still valid. The initial advice was good. Drive straight to a pre booked MOST test. Nothing will be done to you about the uncovered period.

As regards the second part, I would just ring the DVLA and ask what to do to put the paperwork right.
This is from Parkers site:

Driving without a valid MOT - check your car insurance

Driving without an MOT won't always make your insurance invalid. In most instances the insurers will still pay out in full - and if your car is stolen, or damaged, the payout will usually only be reduced to reflect the value of the car without a current MOT.

However, some policies state in the small print that an MOT must be in force.

If you drive on public roads without an MOT there will be a fine if you’re caught by the police, the only exception is if you’re travelling to a pre-booked MOT test, this must be a direct route though, and to your nearest garage that provides the test.

Sorry should have added check your insurance small print. Good luck.
Lived in France many years. Why on earth did you fill in the 'exporting my car bit'? However, first thing is to get it MOT'd in UK if you are coming back soon.
T.b.h. If you intend to be in France longer than 6 mths., that makes you French resident and you need (urgently) to register the car in France. This is a lot of paperwork and you need to visit the Prefecture (hope you speak French).This will take time (possibly easier to buy a French-registered 'banger' to get around in). It is a minefield. You can buy French insurance for up to 6 mths. , which may buy you time and export/re-import car but youneed a
^^^French address. Will help if poss.but accept it -you are in a mess. The beaurocracy is unyielding & you need to go with it (long term)or take a huge risk to get back. Don't know yourcircs..
Eddie's advice about driving to a pre-booked MOT appointment is not quite correct. Although you have to drive by the most direct practical route it does not have to be to your nearest testing station. There is nothing in the legislation to stipulate this. There is plenty of case law covering this (including stopping for shopping en route) and I recently saw a matter where a driver had driven (directly, as he proved) from Manchester to London for a pre-booked test.
Remember the RAC, AA and Green F|ag. Free advice. Good luck.

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My Mot Ran Out And I Am In France - Please Help

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