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Getting from A to B

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AB Editor | 11:14 Tue 16th Aug 2011 | Motoring
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  • Paper maps - 108 votes
  • 58%
  • GPS/SAT-NAV - 78 votes
  • 42%

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I'd so love a Garmin Edge 800 - great training tool for cyclist/runners and the garmin.connect site is statistic city. But at 400gbp with the bike mounts etc I'm sticking to the good old OS Explorer maps.
It would be an advantage if people that is going on a long journey looked for alternative routes & not rely on the Motorway network etc, many of the old trunk roads run parallel with the Motorways & its always handy to know when & where to come off to avoid a problem, Eg, coming off at a Motorway Service area & using a emergency exit, (before anyone say it) the police do turn a blind eye to this.
Usually plan any journey bit in advance so I know more or less how to get to were I want to be but I always take the sat-nav for the unexpected, like when we went up to Amble a few weeks back and the A1 was closed due to an accident and we were diverted off in the middle of no-where. The sat-nav directed us straight to the next junction with no messing. It's also handy for finding sites in strange town as well as warning you about speed cameras
I just love maps. They have fascinated me since childhood when I would read the atlas avidly. Have no trouble navigating with maps whatsoever. Can't stand the awful Sat Nav and the dreadful voice. I shout at it just like I shout at the self service checkouts in supermarkets.

I sit there biting my tongue when out with Mr LL because he has it on and then because he has such an indepth knowledge of UK roads, takes different routes that he knows are better. So we get continuous instructions saying turn round as soon as possible 'cos the Sat Nat is left on. Grrrrrrrr.
Mr LL assures me that Sat Nav is invaluable in cities when you just have a postcode. Probably true, so why not turn it off until you get to the city.
Both have their plus points - sat nav for precise instructions, maps because it is good to see the bigger picture occasionally.
Ed - you want to get from A to B.

If I was you, I wouldn't start at A.....
I am getting a sat nav. I absolutely hate map reading, have to sit there with my finger over the journey the entire time as if I get distracted once we'll have it and I'll panic... plus the minute it gets dark on a country road you may as well just throw the bloody atlas out the window. Absolutely hate the things. Sat nav is on my christmas list!

lol... I think you mean road map... although thank God we live on an island or I hate to think where we'd end up under your directions...
Ahhh stop your bitching... It was worse the 3 hour drive to Ikea which is only half an hour away... What better way to spend an afernoon. :-/
I love map-reading, I get great pleasure from an ordnance survey map. Always have done.
I used to like you boxy.
I use google maps in advance of the journey. I memorise the route with a couple of notes to remind me of the major junctions and then print of a street map of the final mile leading up to the destination. I street view the final section too so that I recognise it when I get there.

I keep a road map in the car in case theres a diversion but no SatNav in this house.

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Getting from A to B

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