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Getting from A to B

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AB Editor | 11:14 Tue 16th Aug 2011 | Motoring
32 Answers

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  • Paper maps - 108 votes
  • 58%
  • GPS/SAT-NAV - 78 votes
  • 42%

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the sat nav person irritates me to much and the one time i used one i spent the entire trip arguing with it
i have voted B because i do not own a sat nav if i did own one i would have voted A

if i did own a sat nav i would still check a paper map just to be on the safe side as you can't trust all these electronic things
I love my Sat Nav, saves me having to crash into cars whilst looking at ungainly maps.
I prefer the satnav as my sense of direction/navigation is useless. For example, I have to go to Guilford this afternoon and until a quick google search had no idea where it is. Getting there without the satnav will take me 10 times longer. As I've recently discovered though, it doesn't like the London in the City very much.
My son relies on his sat-nav and as a consequence has no knowledge whatsoever about roads, routes and alternative ways of getting to places if he encounters hold-ups/accidents.
i love google maps and street view, plan my journey before hand, get directions from the whale and i always get there. if its a city centre destination then i will get lost, but i'll get there
Preferred form of navigation?
I don’t have a choice do what the wife says is the only option for me!
I like getting lost!
Latest edition Sat-Nav's are far better than paper maps, for the cost of an atlas that is updated once a year I get as many updates as I want during the year so always know when road layouts have changed, speed camera's added, etc.

Plus the added bonus of live updates on the move for roadworks and accident's means I may drive a few more miles but I dont end up stuck in traffic jam's for hours on end wondering what is happening and wasting precious fuel.

With the better makes of Sat-Nav you can also change the voice with a free download from the net. I keep swapping who is giving me the directions so it dosn't become boring or annoying.

Plus once set you do not have to touch the Sat-Nav again during your journey, with a map you have to make frequent stops to check where you are going as it is illegal to use an atlas while driving because you are not in full control of the vehicle.

Shame the voting system above is not recording votes!!
I take back my last, it wasn't working when I started my typing!!!
it is on my computer 8 votes for A and 5 for B
Not sure which to vote for but I usually print off the AA Route finder and follow the instructions.
I've loved maps since i was a bairn, i still look at old maps that i can find
lol glad i'm not the only one Steg, still have a really old readers digest world atlas, i love it
I rarely use either, it's quite unusual for me to have to go anywhere that I don't know the way too, but on the rare occasions I do need to check where I'm going I'll tend to check it on google maps before leaving and at a push use the sat nav on my phone.
exactly the same as chuck, I memorise a route via looking at google maps prior to setting out.
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My husband got a free app sat nav on his iphone and it's better than my garmin, he's also got a spanish one for £2.99 that we are planning to use for holiday!
I use both - paper maps to see where I am going, and GPS to guide me there. Yesterday I had to make 20 kilometre journey through a part of France I was not familiar with. There must have been twenty road junctions and roundabouts to negotiate. I was alone, so could concentrate on the road without having to continually check my direction as the GPS was guiding me.

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Getting from A to B

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