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Off Their Rockers

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sara3 | 20:02 Sun 07th Apr 2013 | TV
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just now on ITV.. best laugh I've had for ages. anyone see it?

or am I getting old?!!


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Thought the chap on the bench (bethnal green) was really nice, after offering to take her to the station, offered his hand and introduced himself....just goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover
Question Author
I know.. he was lovely :o)
It was better than I thought and not as patronising as I expected, but I feel these programmes are a bit cruel - e.g. setting those teenagers up as shoplifters
Question Author
yeah, I trust they told them pretty quick that it was a set up. they did look young!
I liked the fungus on the hand bit, the poor youth, didn't know what to do with his hand, and the nun on the mobility scooter!!!
Actually I saw it and I don't normally watch ITV. I was just channel surfing waiting for The Village to start on the Beeb. I thought it was very funny and not offensive at all. I wish they would put it out on Saturday nights, as that is a bit of TV desert these days.
Couldn't stop laughing at the way the blonde girl screamed when the nun blasted them with the horn !!! Recorded it, so could watch it again and again, gave me a real belly laugh ! Really enjoyed the whole programme.
Off to buy my nan a gift voucher for a Vajazzle!
Tell her to spell out the word 'Maneater' when she has it done (lol).
Question Author
I wish I'd recorded it.. the "maneater" line was classic!

and the blonde girl really made me laugh, too :o)

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Off Their Rockers

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