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Ant & Dec

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Nottm_George | 20:19 Sat 06th Apr 2013 | TV
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Hurry the last of their Saturday night shows. But how sad they will be back in stupid X Factor.


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Go read a book or something.

Dont you meant Britain's Got Talent ? Ive never seen them on X-Factor.
Hurry? Too late for hurrying.
Nah you've got Britain's Got Talent before X Factor starts up again. Simon Cowell owns Saturday night TV don't you know? Is your TV stuck on ITV?
I think they're fab :o)
I don't know what it is about these two but I really like them!
I love them. :)
they seem to be on everything on ITV including the bl99dy adverts.
Me too... they make me smile, love the 'Lets get ready to rumble' revival the other week!

Lisa x
did you see Little Dec's face when they were told they were going to Disneyland? so sweet!
I think they are great too...
oh little Ant and Dec are so cute arent they, and how lucky they were to have met Gerald Butler...
I wubs them too.
they might get better when they grow up imo
"He can't see, man. He can't see."

I like Ant 'n' Dec, they are funny, quite surprising for a Cockney duo.
I thought they were scousers which is why I cannot understand what they say.
Howay. They're Geordie, man.

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Ant & Dec

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