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mikey4444 | 07:39 Mon 08th Apr 2013 | TV
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Enjoyed part two last night. What a good actor with have in John Simm. And Maxine Peak.

Now we know what the terrible secret was at Middleton Farm. I sort of thought it was going to be sex somehow !

Bu I wasn't sure what was going on with the old lady ( Peggy I think ) who was dying in bed. Who is she and why did the little boy have to cut her wrists...perhaps I missed something ?

Another thought...did you see Alun Armstrong' son as the detective...he has certainly inherited the famous family nose !


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i just posted same, ahh
he is a dead ringer for him
I didn't enjoy this episode as much as last week. I found it difficult to follow and it over dramatised. I don't think i'll watch it again. And no, i have no idea about the old lady, no doubt she will be referred to again in a couple of episodes time.
I can't make head or tail of it either but I will try and stick with it just in case it gets a bit more understanding.
I must admit we found it a bit disjointed last night but we will stick with it 'cos it has promise.
I think Peggy was the grandma? When the boy visited her he asked her if she was dying and she said that she didn't want to be buried alive. Then she whispered in his ear and I think she must have been asking him to make sure she was dead by cutting her wrist. The bit I missed was the 'terrible secret'.What was it please ?.
I thought he looked like alun armstrong but didn;t click it was his son,
Can anyone tell me how/why the Methodist Minister's daughter, Martha Lane, appeared in the Middleton's cottage and got John to reveal his secret about his affair with his wife's sister, who later killed herself whilst pregnant with John's baby. How did she she know about it and what's it got to do with her anyway?
There is a long thread about this . at the bottom of these messages when you read. down.
It started on monday and non of us can understand what is going on.Infact some of us thought we had missed an episode or something.

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