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Best Night For TV

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AB Editor | 16:36 Tue 27th Sep 2011 | TV
27 Answers

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  • Monday - 31 votes
  • 22%
  • Tuesday - 24 votes
  • 17%
  • Saturday - 23 votes
  • 16%
  • Sunday - 23 votes
  • 16%
  • Friday - 20 votes
  • 14%
  • Thursday - 17 votes
  • 12%
  • Wednesday - 5 votes
  • 4%

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I was surprised to see Monday topping the bill here, but having read the posts I guess that's much to do with corrie.

I was looking for "None" as an option but as it wasn't there I voted for Thursday because I can usually find something of interest such as a play (Shirley this week), a documentary (Mrs Beeton this week) and bit of a series such as Billy Connolly Route 66 and Countryhouse Rescue.

Thursday is the night when I feel least likely to be bombarded by soaps, cookery programmes or US TV.
More to do with Doc Martin I think Maidup!
Sunday without a doubt. Downton Abbey :o)
Saturday: Doctor Who, Casualty (learn a new disease every week) and usually a classy thriller on BBC4.
I much prefer my computer. It's pure chance whether I watch TV and there is no 'best night' to stay in for it as far as I am concerned.
Question Author
How has this turned out to be so even?

Does this mean that actually, they've accounted for everyone's tastes equally?
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21 to 27 of 27rss feed

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Best Night For TV

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