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Hopkirk | 11:32 Fri 27th Apr 2012 | Radio
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Is there a way to play podcasts on a vehicle radio/CD player.

I don't like headphones, and wouldn't wear them while driving anyway.

I don't own an iPod. Can podcasts be burnt onto CDs?


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Most podcasts are MP3s or WMAs so you should be able to use windows media player to burn an audio CD from them no problem.
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Do you have to save them, then burn them, or can you burn straight from t'internet?
You'd have to save them.
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If your car’s CD player cannot play mp3 tracks – make sure that you convert the mp3/WMA files into CDA before burning.
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oo-er, a bit lost now.

I'll try burning as it comes, and if it doesn't work I'll come back for more help.

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