Cape Wrath

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cameo | 00:53 Wed 11th Jul 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Just finished watching this.
I thought it was very good, if a little confusing.
What did everyone else think?


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i thought it was ok, I think the idea of it was probably better on paper though! It was trying to be too many things at once and deliberately odd - it has been biiled as somewhere between Twin Peaks & The Prisoner!

I quite enjoyed it though - but I'll give it another couple of episodes before I decide!

A xXx
I thought it was trying to be like an American type show,but,instead of being interestedly confusing in the character build ups,it relied on sexual content to shock,rather than be really interested in who's who and what their story is.
I loved it. Watched the second episode on E4 straight after. It is very like twin peaks though. why was it shown in the states first though? and why then name change to meadowlands in usa ( i know thats where they live ) but why not keep the name the same. The Americans cant obviusly cope with hour long episodes as if you go onto the meadowlands website in usa Last nights two episodes count for episodes 1 - 4 in the states. Its a British show so why didnt we get it first?
..yes I enjoyed it , and did think it came accross as very American in it's style.... I recognise the girl who plays Jezebel though I have not watched any of the shows she has been in according to imbd ... and it's driving me insane...who is she?....

...early theory...are they all dead and are they in limbo?...
Interesting to kill of one of the more interesting characters at the end of ep 1. Not too sure about it really - no doubt time will tell
i only watch the first half, didnt like it at all, might grow on me but not sure if i ll watch it again.
it just seemed a bit like it was trying too hard to be an english desperate housewives, even the houses looked all americanised!

to answer someones question above, it was shown in america first because its an american tv company that have made it, which seems odd.. i think they're called Showcase or Showtime?
it annoyed me that they called it Meadowlands over there but then changed it to Cape Wrath over here, i think Meadowlands actually suits it more..
dr pop, i think that character is back as a ghost - i think the copper was talking to him on the football pitch ... or was that someone else who looks similar?
Twin Peaks meets Footballers Wives - And not in a good way either! Poorly acted, awful camera work, contrived, trying too hard to be weird. Especially awful for me, was the "brooding" handyman character. Embarassing to say the least.

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Cape Wrath

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