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RAMEAUX | 04:06 Wed 11th Jul 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Don't know why this you tube stuff keeps coming up

I am a subscriber to Setanta Sports.

For the past four weeks or more I have very poor or nil reception on some of the channels within the Setanta package . The channels worst affected are Sky 418,429,436 and 438. Whereas others within the package are fine.

No other channels on Sky are affected.
I contacted Setanta and they arrived at the decision that it is a Sky tranmission problem and referred me to Sky.

Once I explained the problem to Sky they advised it is a problem within my dish or digi box. A fault that can spread to other channels ?? .

I finding it hard to get my head round how just 4 channels within the entire Sky spread can be affected by a fault within my equipment .

Your replies most appreciated as well as what the Sky call charge �65 covers



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i called sky out the other day to fix my hd box and didnt get a �65 charge.... i wonder why??
It's certainly possible that the LNB (the 'electronic 'head') on your dish hasn't got quite the right amount of twist on it. Over the years, I have corrected this on a number of dishes and it's common to improve just those channels for which reception was previously at the limit.
It isn't really a question of a 'fault within your equipment' so much as a slight misalignment of your dish. The mechanisms behind digital reception mean that you still get decent reception on most channels with a small misalignment, but the weaker channels might suffer. If the problem gets worse when it's raining, this is probably the answer.
As for Sky's charges, I don't live in the UK any more, so unfortunately can't help.

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