Funniest Ad on tv at the mo?

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kick3m0n | 18:16 Wed 28th Jun 2006 | Media & TV
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What's your choice? My vote goes to the John Smiths ad (at least I think it is) set in the Level Head Pub, with the guy and his hands free headset. Tag line from teh barman is "You're barrrrred!". I find it hilarious....have even recorded it to show friends !! Infact, it's making me laugh just thinking about it now :oD

Ok, i'll get me coat........... xxx


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Have to agree with you on that .!!!
John Smith's have always had good adverts , seems years since the 'av it ones .
no nonsense .!
My fave at the moment is the maltesers ad. The one where the woman flashes her boobs to a bloke walking past her office because she doesn't feel naughty about eating the maltesers.
I agree with bonbon, it is absolutely hilarious!!

But i do like the John Smiths advert too.

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Funniest Ad on tv at the mo?

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