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Mr Bates Vs The Post Office

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hellywelly4 | 22:20 Mon 27th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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This is on ITV 3 for 4 nights. I saw it the first time when it was on, I think, ITV 1. Watching this again it's really interesting to see now there has been such a lot of publicity. I realise it's not exactly what happened because it's a drama, but it's near enough to the truth to be really scary. I don't know how the postmasters coped with it all. 



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Nightmarish. I hope they get their compensation soon, and that Paula Vennells and her senior board members are prosecuted. She should give back her multimillion pound bonuses. 
It's horrendous, and as we now know some poor subpostmasters couldn't cope with it at all. 

Some didn't.  

The Canoe Man is also being repeated this week, worth watching if missed first time round

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Barry - no I didn't fancy that at all.

I found it unbelievable how canoe man got away with it for so long, and got caught because of his sheer stupidity. 


Two superb dramas. 

the proceedings of the Post Office Horizon inquiry are televised every day ! - last week it was.. Paula Vennells. - three days in the witness box.

are you the unluckiest CFO in the United Kingdom?

well actually  she was, ignorant, uninformed, minions keeping important stuff away from her ( head witness had perjured himself) - in short SHE was the victim

I thought Mr Bates v the Post Office was pretty accurate. Some points are very difficult to grasp. Lee Castleton loses his  case ( and has to pay  £360 000) because he thinks he  is ruined by the Riposte bug, and Anne Chambers is on hand to say "no it isnt that because I know all about THAT" - so he loses on causation.

Anne C forever feels guilty about his unfair treatment - but doesnt do  an awful lot. ( crazy pure mathematician).

In real life there is a helluva lot of document loss and misplacement. John ( Liar) Scott issues the shredding order and has no memory of dooing so. Lots and lots of "I have no recall of that" - zillions of " I saw this  document, but  only this  morning" -but  you wrote it! - oo-er did I, I must havebeen VERY  busy that day....

whereas Anne C of Fujitsu is  armed with many docs from 2000-2003 - Fujitsu keep everything

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o let this thread thrive!

Well, well, well worth another viewing.  Gripping stuff, particularly as it is based on truth - as we have now found out.

Alice Perkins - head honcho - is giving an appalling performance as we speak.

Lots of - "datta long question, can you repeat"  - far too much of " me know nossing" - 

she AP asks " can I help you on what?" and there is sardonic laughter  from the  audience.

she is another witness who uses 20 words when one will do ( yes or no).... "as you know we discussed this in another sense yesterday  and I said that the board did in fact consider one side...."

oh  and she giggled twice....

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Mr Bates Vs The Post Office

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