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maggiebee | 13:48 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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The first episode of ITV's new series 'Breathtaking' hit our screens, giving viewers an insight into the shocking reality of hospital life during the pandemic. Just been reading about this series.  Based on real notes kept by an NHS consultant during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlights the fear and frustration those on the frontline felt during the greatest public health crisis in living memory.

Has anyone watched this yet?  Interested to hear your thoughts.



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Not for me.  It's all too miserable.

I just couldn't watch something like that either, too depressing

We didn't watch. We've lived through it and don't want reminders.  Much too depressing.

I started but switched off. It was too realistic.


My sister is enthusiastic to watch this but can't see it on her TV in Canada. I told her we wouldn't be watching it, as would depress us.

We watched it and found it very interesting, will be watching second one tonight.

Didnt find it depressing or miserable at all. Even though we all lived through the epidemic, how many of us were on the front line of the NHS? It gave a real insight into how those people coped and dealt with it both personally and professionally.

It was almost like watching a tv drama rather than a true to life (as far as it can be) programme. I feel those who can't or won't watch it are missing out, but of course that's their choice.

I found it strangely unconvincing, particularly Joanne Froggatt; might have been something to do with the jerky directing.

And, being on ITV, the breaks for adverts disrupted the momentum something like this needed.

 Vagus, I've had my fair share of hospitals over the last 2 years , including Icu unit.  I never want to watch anything to do with hospitals or ambulances  ever again!!   

Fair enough Lottie, I'm not trying to persuade anyone to watch it.

Oh god please no! All normal people have moved on. I remember bbc reporters in their protective clothing, roaming hospital wards looking for people dying and weeping, telling everyone that we were all terrified.  No we weren't. 

I know Vagus.  I was just expressing why I can't watch hospital dramas any more.


For all the reasons others have given, it's not for me. 

We won't be watching.

My M-i-L died from Covid in hospital in April 2020. Mrs JtH was unable to visit her due to lockdown and the distance involved. They were able to speak on the 'phone, well Mrs JtH spoke and her mum listened.

We don't want to see what might have been happening on the wards whilst Janet was breathing her last. We have spent almost 4 years trying not to picture what was going on, to be honest.

Im not surprised you don't want to watch it, JTH, and am very very sorry you and Mrs JTH went through such a dreadful time.

I found last nights episode very 'gritty' but overall am glad I watched it all.

This short series should have been compelling, upsetting, thought- and anger-provoking, but it was none of those things, and I sat through it all totally unmoved.

Compare with the excellent 'This Is Going To Hurt', which was propulsively involving, shocking and saddening.

Whilst it didn't really tell us anything that we hadn't already been told, the visual impact was far greater then the audial.Some of the scenes will stay in my mind .

I've watched two episodes and, for what of a better phrase, i am enjoying it. It does give an insight into what our medical profession endured though i must admit, it is sometimes a hard watch.

That sums up how I feel about it, Ken.

I don't think it can really be compared to other medical type programmes because it was a totally unique time in our lives.

I've watched all of it and glad I did.  With you on this vagus.

en passant:  want something lighter? We watched 'Educating Rita' last night, Michael Caine, Julie Walters (& even Maureen Lipman!) free & in HD on YouTube - an oldie, but great fun.

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