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No More Bbc I Player For Us!

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NoseyNose | 00:43 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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The BBC has announced that it will no longer be possible for viewers to watch the BBC i Player on PC's and Macs.

So this is serving the public is it.I used to enjoy watching past programmes,and those that I had recently missed,but no more after 11th March.

As usual with the BBC they give a weak and feeble excuse.

Any views guys?



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So sorry,BBC!

This could be the year of my last TV licence.

The whole poxy organisation is falling apart as it tries to be all things to all people, except ordinary people.

Some clarification is needed here, I think, Gordon:

Aunty Beeb is NOT removing her iPlayer functionality from PCs and Macs. 

You'll STILL be able to use it to watch live programming AND to STREAM 'catch-up' programming with it.

All that's going is the ability to DOWNLOAD content for watching at a later time when there's no internet connection available.  Such a facility can be useful for someone who, say, wants to download a TV programme to their phone (or other mobile cevice), so that they can watch it later on when travelling on a train (where there might not be a reliable internet signal).  However it's largely useless to people using PCs and Macs, as their machines will normally have a good internet connection at all times, so they can simply stream the content without needing to download it to their computers.

So you'll still be able to get your regular fix of CBeebies Bedtime Stories, or, indeed, whatever else takes your fancy, Gordon 📺 😊

It's not a feeble excuse. It's a financial decision.

If not enough peole are watching it on PC etc to make that service worthwhile, what are they supposed to do?

Thanks buenchico for the clarification.

PS: Most homes now have TV sets that are natively 'smart' or which (although natively 'non-smart') have been given 'smart' functionality through the addition of an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku device.  Any such set can provide access to BBC iPlayer.

I've never downloaded anything, but I should still be able to watch programmes while they remain on the Iplayer, if I've read that correctly.

I don't have a TV and I watch on my PC instead.  There is a good selection of programmes offered on iPlayer.

I am glad that it will continue.

C'mon've misunderstood, haven't you?

Have you ever actually downloaded a programme for later viewing, rather than streaming? So few people do, apparently.

In the days before broadband (twisted pair internet) and slow speeds I used to download from Iplayer and then watch without constant delays for catch-up. Faster broadband has removed the need to do that.

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No More Bbc I Player For Us!

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