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On The Beach - Tv Advert

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Jaimsieboy | 16:53 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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In this advert, the family are seen going to the

beach and the commentator says something like


"??????? look at them go...on the beach"

It sounds like the first word is F???????.

Any ideas what this word is ?


Thanks ....J/Boy






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Booking geniuses

It's 'booking' and I think it's vulgar, it's meant to sound like f......, I guess they think it's trendy and appeals to the masses. Not me.

Question Author

Thanks Folks....J/Boy

That's Paddy McGuinness, he has been accused on swearing in that ad on social media but says it is 'booking'.

There was a chicken advert a while back that used 'clucking' a lot in their ad and got the same criticism.  KFC, 'what the cluck?'

They know what they're doing, it's no accident 

It worked then, didn't it. The whole idea of adverts is to get people talking about them and we are. Think "have you seen the latest Specsavers/Heineken/Carlberg"? etc.

They're booking geniuses because they get into the lounge. Mind you, with them in there, I'd rather not be.

that kid is going to grow up to be a a-hole of the highest order.....

It didn't really work no,or rather we don't know. Talking about an advert doesn't mean people buy the product.

Prudie - no, it doesn't but people choose things they're familiar with so they're more likely to choose a name which is somewhere in the depths of their brain than a complete unknown.

So it's not just me who was hearing that. And at the end he says " a fool". It's a horrible commercial. 

bhg - have they detected any grey matter upstairs - even an atom or two?

DTC - I don't understand your question. I've never seen the advert if that's relevant.

well they do come across as being brain dead and probably originate from Preston, West Brom, Canvey Island, Pontypridd or Jarrow.

Phew, that's a relief. I thought you were talking about me for a minute. I think I had a dozen left at the last count.

Count yourself as lucky, then.............

That advert has guaranteed I won't be booking with On The Beach. 

I don't want to go on holiday with a family like that, or anyone to think I am like them.

With Paddy M Guinness's recent record of failed TV programmes (Top Gear, Question of Sport) I don't think I would hire him.

Maybe it reveals more about the mind of someone who hears something different 🤣

I think it's Booking ..... but I know what you're sayng!!

If ever there was an advert that put me off using an airport lounge, it is this one.  The thought of sharing a quiet and genteel space with this lot makes me crave for the departure area with their hard seats in preference.

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On The Beach - Tv Advert

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