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The Avengers

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andy-hughes | 14:57 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I never get tired of the re-runs of The Avengers - my crush on Diana Rigg started when I was thirteen, and it's still going strong!

I love the quirkiness of the whole thing, and especially Steed's beautiful manners, something we are losing as time goes by.

In all episodes, until the day she left, he never ever referred to Emma Peel as anything other than 'Mrs Peel', only calling her 'Emma' when they said goodbye.




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No doubt that we have lost a lot, but, what have we gained?

Especially for star struck andy-hughes

I expect Andy preferred her in leather.

Question Author

To be honest H, my favourite is her 'Hellfire Club' outfit with the spiked collar.

I'm getting all unnecessary thinking about it ...

(Sound of door gently closing as the old gentleman sighs, looking into the distance and smiling ...)

All young men with good taste had crush on Diana Rigg in those days.


I wanted to be as suave and cool as John Steed too, but being the polar opposite didn't help.

I have just remembered that we said hello to Diana Rigg some years ago.She was appearing at The Chichester Festival Theatre,in Noel Coward's Hay Fever (2009).We just said hello, and she responded with her usual charm, and lovely big smile.

We were both parking our cars,in the theatre's car park at the time.

Amazing who you can meet in a car park,isn't it!

best Bond girl too, though "girl" is hardly the word. It's taken decades for OHMSS to start getting the acclaim it deserves.

Andy, if you're wondering how Steed came about, look for two 1939 films, Q Planes and Murder in Soho.  Both feature a copper/MI6 man called Hammond, both of them with brolly and bowler and a little eccentric.

I didn't know that her character name was a pun on, "m" (for man) "appeal".

she wrote a book ( collated) 

No Turn un-stoned - of initial bad reviews - I  think one is of Wuthering Heights. 1847

Funny  Burney ( d of Charles Burney musicologist) said of Jane Austen - Nothing happens! ( not included)

I really thought her judo was real

It wasnt - judo. There are various styles ( I read at the time) - between it and tai-chi which is a dance style. Watch as she  dispatches the banded Frenchman in the cellar in "Hellfire". The victims were stunt-men who fell  about with gusto

It's taken decades for OHMSS to start getting the acclaim it deserves.  I am not surprised - OHMSS, even George Lazenby ( Big Fry man)  said he cdnt act - and quickly sank back to well deserved obscurity

Her name in The Avengers - Emma Peel - was a play on 'M appeal' i.e 'man appeal'.  Seems to have worked :)

unfair, PP, he had to do a lot more acting than Connery ever had to. He had to make metajokes about "This never happened to the other fella", he had to wear a kilt, he had to grieve for a murdered wife - it was decades before they put another love story into a Bond movie (just as well, no way Roger Moore could have handled it). Too much skiing in it, I think, but it had one of the best songs.

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