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For The Love Of Dogs

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Countrylover | 22:27 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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So the lovely Paul O'grady is being replaced by Alison Hammond of all people.  He was so quiet and gentle with the dogs,  Which worked so well. I won't be watching.   I must admit she drives me mad.



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I agree that Paul could be very abrasive, loud and shouty, his softer, gentler side on For the Love of Dogs was a bit of a surprise to me

I can be loud and boisterous, raucous even, but all of my dogs have loved me. I'm just a big softy really.

Give her a chance. 

Amanda Holden would never take on a gig where she was at risk of being upstaged. As cute as some believe she is, the dogs are far cuter.

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Red, Ì agree but he generally is a soft spoken man and a dog whisperer when he was with troubled dogs.  I just cannnot imagine Alison Hammond taking over.  She's someone  never taken to personality wise, so I'm prejudiced!! 

Amanda is already an ambassador for Battersea and has done quite a lot with them. I think she was pencilled in for the job, but perhaps she's just to busy.

... too ...

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And Tilly, I'm not exactly quiet!!  I'm sure you're lovely.  

I have to agree with Andy,

And also agree with Ken, although I must admit to quite liking Amanda Holden.  

Redhelen - // Thing is Paul was loud too - did you ever listen to his radio show? Very shouty at times. //

I think that 'vinegary old queen' persona he adopted for his radio show was just that - a persona, a version of his 'Lilly Savage' character.

I found his radio show unlistenable because it was so false.

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For The Love Of Dogs

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