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Doctor Why?

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brainiac | 23:36 Sat 25th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Who, exactly, is this expensively-produced drivel aimed at - surely cannot be adults, can it?  At least Tennant throws himself into and looks like he's having fun; but Catherine Tate is hopelessly miscast and threatens to turn each scene she's in into a comedy sketch.  She even uses almost the same voice as her 'Old Gran' character.

And didn't DT use a more London accent last time out?



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I haven't watched Dr Who since I was a child - I just don't see the attraction of it

I grew up with it and still thoroughly enjoy the show. It's mindless entertainment. I am still a little fearful that it's goingnto be horribly Disneyfied now they're involved in the production.

I never did like it.

I too grew out of it.

It is a very good kid's programme that many adults also enjoy ... and some don't.

'They' said the same thing about Magic Roundabout back in the day.

I think it's ALWAYS been a children's programme. I think whether or nit you like the actors has s lit to do with if you like the programme.

I enjoyed last night's but felt they made a bit if a meal over the transgender storyline. I also found it weird she had a daughter that age till I realised its really been that long since she was in it!

...wadda &*^%ing libertee!

i also meant to ask - is it expensive?

it's made in a warehouse in cardiff isn't it?

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Looks a lot more expensive now Disney is involved

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