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nicebloke1 | 18:29 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Tv seems to get worse by the month and almost given up trying to find anything at all worth viewing. But last night made a refreshing change. Mystery Drama called.. The Sense Of An Ending. I enjoyed it for a change. Anyone else seen it? To my amazment it was made in 2017. So it looks like I'm 6 year behind on telly programs. :>(



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What channel was that on?  I vaguely remember it and would like to watch it again - I will watch anything with Jim Broadbent in the cast.

Barry, it was on BBC2.

I read the book some time ago - I really like Julian Barnes.  I'm looking forward to the film which I've recorded. 

Thanks, Barsel, I'll catch up later :) 

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Yep, bbc 2 must say I got a bit confused at times and it seemed to be a little slow, but I stuck with it because there was rubbish on other sides. Well worth whatching.

Recorded it and have been watching it for a while, yes it is a bit slow but nothing on TV .. loved then it about pasteurised lesbians.  Will stick it for a bit longer ... 

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