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-SharonA- | 22:59 Wed 08th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I'm enjoying the current series but can anyone tell me what happened to Tosh's baby from the last series???



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I'm watching it now and wondering exactly the same thing.  Missing Dougie though.

Question Author

Yeah, missing Jimmy too!

Just not the same.  I have no interest in Ashley Jensen's character

that was the last series wolf

I don't think anything has happened to the baby, I just think there hasn't been a storyline which has included some reference to it, yet. Could be wrong though..

I just won't watch it without Dougie!

Question Author

Countrylover, you're missing a good series.

I'm treating it like a completely new series and  not comparing it with the previous ones, and it's working!

For what it is worth, Donnie (the father of the baby) is in the credits for the next episode. 

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