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bednobs | 16:34 Wed 08th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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anyone watch it last night?  I dont think i have ever seen a challendge they all failed before!



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I did.  I thought it was really funny.  Made me feel a bit better too because I made a steamed treacle pudding at the weekend and it had a texture like vomit.

I thought it was funny too, whilst feeling a bit sorry for them. Perhaps they weren't given enough time. Paul Hollywood seems a lot  more relaxed this year, or is that just me

I am a bit confused,did the recipe they were given say how long to bake the pudding for?

Going by the results obviously not.Paul said at least 45 minutes,most were only half that time.

You are right,I have never seen such a disaster on GBBO!

This is going to make future tasks very interesting.


I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I think they are given basic instructions for the skills bake. I'm not sure they even know what it should look like.


Very true,most of them look too young to even know what a steamed pudding is.

I think Paul had this in mind when challenging them?

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personally i think it was the bainmarie method that bu99ered them all

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