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I'm Watching The Great British Bake Off - Episode 4: Desserts- Bbc One 8Pm

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AB Editor | 13:53 Wed 27th Aug 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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An apology: Sorry I missed last week's Bake Off Thread. I will submit to whatever punishment suggested by the eager baking crowd...

... but not before watching episode 4 of GBBO!

This week they tackle desserts. They'll have to multi-task several of their skills at once with the show-stopper being the cake which Sarah Palin can see from her house: Baked Alaska.

They're also on pudding and tiramisu duty!

It's been a long day:

Also, I heard a rumour that someone is actually a professional baker in the comp. Any ideas who?

Also, it is probably time to start taking polls on who is going to get kicked out this week :) who do you reckon?

NOTICE TO GRUMPY PEOPLE: If you are posting here to complain about the Great British Bake Off being on again, how "boring" you find it, or to ask "what's the point" you will be suspended. This is fair warning. To be absolutely clear: we don't care what you think about GBBO :)


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Well I think it's a load of Mouldy Old Dough...... Only Joking Ed x

I think it's Luis
Luis has said he's won competitions but does that mean he's Not just a "home baker"?
Didn't Bob the Builder admit to having entered a few baking competitions last week?

Hardly a professional though just useful research to know what the keen eyes of the WI/Village Horticultural Society Doyennes look out for.
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How exciting C&J can't wait.
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Question Author
I've added a spoiler alert to your post C&J.

I'm looking forward to the Tiramisu shenanigans which will surely occur.
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Oh crikey, can't imagine who would walk off in a huff from bake off.
Question Author
It's serious business :)
I think Dianna should get voted off, for spoiling Ian's chance. She actually sniggered, when he saw his melted alaska.
I agree ferlew, Felt so sorry for Iain.

Diana, gave it to "teachers pet" Nancy and she just put it on the side, so both of them should be given at least a ticking off.
Then to add insult to injury Iain was voted off.

Hope someone reviews the footage, so unfair.
So unfair, he never let one though, so good for him. I think they may be watched in future episodes.. well I hope they are :o(
Yes, so do I. Mary & Paul should have been told and Iain should have been given a pass through as it was sabotage IMO
I hope so too, can be doing with sly folk in a competition.
Sorry, can't.
The baked Alaska thing was just mean - of course ice cream is going to melt, they should both be kicked off.
Totally agree, silliemillie.
Spoiler spoiler spoiler

hmmm, he did put his icecream in someone else's freezer and the snigger might have been nervous laughter.
We will need to wait for the extra slice on friday....

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I'm Watching The Great British Bake Off - Episode 4: Desserts- Bbc One 8Pm

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