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Is It Possible To Request A Movie?

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UserName32 | 20:02 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anyone know if any movie theaters will allow you to request or suggest a movie that's not currently in their rotation/lineup, be it as a suggestion for an upcoming movie, or as a private theater rental? I know several theaters have replayed old movies, as well as ones from earlier this year. There's one I want to rewatch with a friend who didn't get a chance to see it.




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I reckon you can request what you want. Whether the cinema would pay any heed is a different matter. You may have more luck at small privately owned ones.

Your use of 'movie theaters' in your question suggests that you're not in the UK, where this website is based.  (We generally refer to 'cinemas' and also use the spelling 'theatre', rather than 'theater').  So people here might not really be best placed to answer your question.

However cinemas have to buy in the rights to show a movie for a particular period of time.  With a brand new, blockbuster movie, those rights will be extremely expensive but, as  movies becomes less popular, the cost of buying in the rights will drop.  Even so, a cinema will still need to get plenty of paying patrons through its doors if it's to be able to make a profit.  

So it's unlikely that you could persuade an independent cinema to re-show a movie unless you could persuade the management that there are plenty of other people who will go to see it.

Well spotted Buen. Of course; the movies went out with the talkies, and when films came in.

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Is It Possible To Request A Movie?

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