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Gone Fishing

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mallyh | 15:13 Tue 03rd Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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didn't enjoy Lee Mack taking Bobs place it was boring there was no chemistry very little humour and he doesn't fish because he is vegan even though they always return the fish to the river x



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What a pointless exercise. 

Bob Mortimer suggested him apparently, but Lee was totally wrong I thought- perhaps nobody else was available at short notice. Just hope Bob is back next time, but shingles can be a long drawn out illness

The 1st 2 series were good. But now its become too formulaic and scripted. You can tell some scenes are rehearsed. The spontaneity has gone from the show.

Lee mentioned fishing meant a hook in the mouth of the fish as his reason not to do it, perhaps people think it harms them? I have read somewhere it doesn't, entitled to his opinion.

Other people believe recreational line fishing does cause the fish pain

I don't know which opinion is right.  I have only ever fished for food, not sport.

Is there a non biased opinion on this? A proper study by a non animal rights organisation? I don't know either way but would be interesting. I seem to remember details about fish having no mouth pain receptors but how would anyone know? 

The program was disjointed and not enjoyable for me. A waste of  Paul Whitehouse's time, he looked a little miffed with Lee Mack throwing that silly magnetic line about disturbing the fish. Gold is not magnetic so he would never have found a ring unless he sat down too quickly.

Extreme fear is painful and potentially deadly.

Not good without Bib Mortimer. 

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Gone Fishing

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