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ferlew | 12:46 Sun 21st May 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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It makes me cringe when 'Milly' is wearing secondhand boots.
Would you ever buy secondhand footwear? Or is it just me being silly.


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"As new" clothes wouldn't bother me as I can throw them in the washing machine, but would never wear secondhand shoes, boots or slippers.
I wouĺd
I would have to fumigate them first, then a good wipe out with a loaded anti viral wipe.
There are no selling fees - so how does Vinted make money? Are there fees payable by the buyer?
I buy second hand shoes, I only wear leather footwear made in England, classic brogues, Oxfords. Often they are advertised for sale with very little wear, probably bought for a formal occasion.

Saves me a lot of money.
Yes, brainiac, the buyer pays the fees

I hate men's feet, including my own, the sight of them makes me cringe, especially shoes without socks, ugh!

I would rather pull my own head off than wear shoes another man had worn.

I'm going to have to go and have a lie down now ...
I would be too worried about catching verruca's or other fungal infections and I've seen what a council delousing station does do to leather shoes in their steamers. No thanks. Walking barefoot over hot coals seems a viable alternative to me. No amount of antiseptic wipes would assure me I'm afraid.
Do you try shoes on in the shoe shop?
Since I only buy leather boots, and the ones I like are pricey, I have no trouble buying lightly worn on eBay. Been doing it for years with no problem, and I save 50-75%.
It's not just you, Ferlew.
My wife bought a pair of shoes she had been lusting over for some time, bought on eBay for £50, saving £250. They looked unworn, described as 'worn once' but we take that with a pinch of salt
//Do you try shoes on in the shoe shop?//

Not often now. Fortunately I am quite light on my feet and don't wear out good quality shoes quickly. No repairers these days around here except Timpsons. :-( I accompanied my wife to get new shoes and the assistant was most meticulous about hygiene and you could see her efforts with the sprays and wipes. Buying used through the post does not show me who last wore them and how they were treated internally. No thanks. When I was a cadet Tinia or Athletes foot was rampant and every one of us caught it in Training School at one time . It bought out the importance of foot hygiene to us.
Yes, but the thought that someone may have tried on shoes for a few seconds is vastly different from someone sweating into shoes for months or years.
My reasoning behind not buying used shoes/boots is that they mould into the shape of the wearer's feet. No doubt there are some great bargains out there, but not for me I'm afraid.
//My reasoning behind not buying used shoes/boots is that they mould into the shape of the wearer's feet. No doubt there are some great bargains out there, but not for me I'm afraid.//

Too true. Trying to do a 15mile route march in brand new boots resulted in 'excused boots' for two weeks. Talcum powder and Surgical spirit did not stop blisters the size of saucers because the boots hadn't time to wear in to my foot shape.
Bought and worn second hand everything, including socks, pants, shoes etc. Wedding suit from jumble sale. Now, however, I can afford to buy the best. So no longer, “second hand Rose”.
Those timorous Timmy’s on this post make me laugh. Wusses.
AH, I’ve been told I have beautiful there.
I'm putting all this wussy nonsense down to being conditioned during THE PANDEMIC.

Unboggle your eyes for goodness sake.
david - // AH, I’ve been told I have beautiful there. //

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...

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