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Is This Really Entertaining Prime Time Tv?

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barry1010 | 21:22 Sat 15th Apr 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Waiting for the 1% Club to start and there is a man breaking wind on a talent show.

I'm not disgusted, revolted not outraged, just feel a bit let down really


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Leonard Rossiter starred in a film about a Frenchman who made a career on the stage with his melodic flatulence.
Is this a wind up ?
I guess that's why I don't go near the big four channels on Saturday nights...or all weekend for that matter.
Question Author
The 1% Club is the only programme on commercial TV we have to watch live, we don't watch Saturday night TV usually
He needs to take lessons from the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles. Now that was funny
The film was Le Petomane. It was based on the life of Joseph Pujol.
Le Petomane! Huge megastar. Was he better than 1% Club?
Sorry all. I'm well behind the game.
I'm not disgusted, revolted not outraged, just feel a bit let down really

deflated I suggest. Relieved possibly

Rossiter's film was le petomane

and yes one act was ruined by a bout of diarrhoea. -knowing the French I am surprised that it is not regarded as 'the peak'
Le petomane cd blow out a candle with his flatus
Is this the guy Bertie ( tu sais, hein? le prince des Galles, un vrai ancien Prince Harry) gave a medal to, which had to be clawed back by the British Consul in Paris?
The very same.
Paris doesn't seem a lucky place for our royal family.
It was entertaining back in 1900 ;-)
We need PROPER telly back again!

Question Author
Bob was better than Tony
I remember a few years ago when 'Mr Methane' provided an identical act, and Simon Cowell called him 'a disgusting creature'.

Times change, and not always for the best.
Wasn't there a scene in a Bergman film, Fanny and Alexander, where an old chap ignited his wind?
Didn't people do some strange things in the days before radio and television when they had to make their own amusement?
Manic, hysterical audience, obligatory sob stories, that dreadful man who thinks his bottom is talented, and judges who are becoming increasingly more desperate for approval so anything goes, BGT really was the dregs of television last night.
This programme has most definitely had its day!
Chris @ 21.53 is there suppose to be sound on that?
Thank goodness I didn't get any.

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Is This Really Entertaining Prime Time Tv?

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