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The Hunt For Raoul Moat

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Hazlinny | 20:18 Sat 15th Apr 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Think this might be worth a watch (if not too raw) Sunday 16, Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 April on ITV.


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A quick scan shows no sign of Paul Gascoigne, wonder what else is missing.
Was he the gunman who shot and blinded a police officer?
I won't watch it.
Question Author
^^^ Yes, Sandy .. that's why I stated "if not too raw" - I used to know the area well so that's my interest.
'Raises eyebrow at RT article'.

I'm sure they know their business.
Yes - his tagline was - - I dont go around shooting people in bobble hats.

which is what another shooter Dickie Bird had done

The policeman was blinded and later committed suicide. "Rathband's twin brother has blamed Rathband's estranged wife and Northumberland police for not supporting the officer after he was shot by Moat while he was on the run in the summer of 2010."

I think I might watch 'My Little Pony'
I'm undecided so far as to whether or not to watch.
I watched it and am now watching the 2nd episode in the series. I'm glued to it.

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The Hunt For Raoul Moat

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