Too Much Tennis?

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oliviagrace | 15:39 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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In answer to those people who say there is too much Tennis on the BBC, Wimbledon is on for two weeks of the year, not many other tournaments are shown at all, so they are right to show as many matches as possible, there are plenty of other sports on all through the year and football, rugby, darts,etc are given blanket coverage so why should two weeks of Tennis upset people so.


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I doubt many are bothered by how much tennis is on TV, Olivia.

It's coming home at around 10pm and discovering a programme you've been following has been moved from the usual channel to accommodate the tennis which you've now recorded that has annoyed many.
As Gness said - why could they not switch tennis to BBC2 instead of the regular programs
It's not about how much tennis is shown - it's completely correct that the BBC covers the premier tournaments as completely as possible, when it has the rights.

It's all about the disruption of schedules for no good reason - causing people to fail to record a much anticipated programme - when it would be so much easier to simply change the channel for the live tennis, causing no problems for anyone.

Not everyone has access to iPlayer to catch up on the misrecorded programme - and why should they have to anyway?
Always going to happen if Andy Murray or Emma Raducanu were involved! Totally agree that it should have been switched to BBC2.
I missed the final of the Sewing Bee because of tennis (which I had set to record) and I had no idea whatsoever they had moved it as I wasn't in !! Why the hell couldn't they have moved the tennis instead, that makes far more sense to me. Pathetic !
There is a slight hole in that argument - why should viewers on BBC2 have their normal programmes displaced?
There was tennis scheduled for BBC2 ...
As suggested on the other thread, perhaps programme planners should either avoid beginning a series which will run through a televised live sporting tournament, or suspend the series for the duration of the tournament?
Two things choux - it was more tennis, so they had two main channels of tennis (so no 'hole' in the argument there) and secondly, it was the Sewing Bee FINAL, a show popular with many people and it should not have been moved. Did they not consider the people who would have recorded it - apparently not !
Then why not email Points of View and tell them what you think?
At the same time oliviagrace can thank them for their comprehensive coverage - sorted :)
Surely everyone does have access to iPlayer don’t they?
That will help Burley see the final of a programme she's followed how, Choux?
"Surely everyone does have access to iPlayer don’t they? "

Tell that to people without fast broadband (very often the elderly in rural locations)

Tell that to anyone in the ROI - we watch BBC entirely legally via our Sky subscription, but have no official access to iPlayer as it's geoblocked.

[ yes - I know about DNS proxies and VPNs - but many, many people don't ]
"it would be so much easier to simply change the channel for the live tennis, causing no problems for anyone."

Which channel would be used?
Will the Sewing Bee Final not appear on YouTube at some point?
"Which channel would be used? "

BBC2 - which had tennis scheduled anyway
I honestly think you are beating your head against a brick wall Dave ..
In much the same way as moaning here does I guess, gness.

One might think that the BBC does the same with Sewing Bee as it does with Masterchef. Record and can series to be played at a much later date with all contestants sworn to secrecy. If so, then Ken has submitted the perfect answer at 16:18.

Has the BBC enough confidence in this reality programme to repeat the final episode within the week?
Laura Robson would appear to agree - too much tennis.

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