Does Anyone Like Tennis ?

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bobbie22 | 00:27 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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It's on for hours. BBC1. And BBC 2. I think it's too much. I know there are dozens of channels, but they are not too good. What do you think?


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Not when it messes up my recordings of Sherwood and Sewing Bee!

That's just whiff whaff with bigger balls, isn't it?

Not as I once did. I thoroughly enjoyed it in the open era but when players went professional a lot changed and not necessarily for the better.

I can take it or leave it now, save for when Federer and Nadal play. There is a lot of it on tv for the fortnight of Wimbledon and it must annoy many viewers when play over-runs the scheduling.

I remember back in the days of Dan Maskell and Jack Kramer commentating. The tennis coverage started after the lunch time news and players were on court about 1:55 p.m and coverage would cease for the 18:00 news. Later BBC2 would cover it for the early evening and highlights would be shown later for a short programme.
I am just glad we no longer have to tolerate the raducanu / Murray hysteria
I should add that I hoped for the best for them - but without much hope, sadly
Enjoy it, but usually have to turn the sound down, as I can't stand the screaming and grunts that most players love to display as they either serve or return a shot.
I find it boring, which is why I don't watch it.

I don't find it difficult to not watch it, and either watch or do something else.

Same goes for love Island and top gear.
I correct myself, meant to say the amateur era.

This match enthralled me - for 2 days, back in 1969:

Some of the play may look a bit pedestrian compared with today's games but the basic equipment was just that - basic.
i do watch some of it, especially Wimbledon, where there have been some cracking matches.
I used to love Wimbledon but had to give up when, the women particularly grunted every time they hit the ball. Now, apart from a few, I don’t know who they are.
I don't watch any sport on TV but Wimbledon is as seasonal as all those Christmas films I don't watch, part of the yearly calendar, a signal that summer is here.
I don't mind the coverage on TV, I've a few dramas recorded that need watching.
Brilliant footage choux.
Wooden rackets, plummy umpires (they read the score as though from an interesting novel) crowds not slow hand clapping and singing and shouting out “Green and white army” lol
That was the open era tho - just starting. It ended seven years where the tennis world was divided into amateur and pro.
Great days.
Still, time moves on. I thing the tennis is still often mesmerising
It's probably a good game to PLAY, (I never have) but as a spectator sport I find it deadly boring & don't bother.
And Isner v Mahut in 2010 made Gonzalez Pasarell look a bit like a sprint :-)
Moreover between two modern day gentlemen
Typical BBC - sport obsessed.
This is not what I pay my licence for but then neither are soaps or all the other rubbish.
//Does Anyone Like Tennis ?//

Someone at the BBC obviously does - or it's a cheap way of filling time.
Of course, no one watches it …

Any chance to view the fragrant Kim is to be welcomed.
I was always interested in tennis, especially, as someone else mentioned, during the amateur era, Laver, Emerson, Stolle, Taylor etc. The 70's and 80's were really good too and for me, tennis peaked with the advent of the Borg/McEnroe era. Since then I think it has become very boring. Wooden rackets? I still have my Dunlop Blue Flash in it's racket press. It cost me £6-19-11 in 1969 and was well used! But back to the tournament. I noticed that the mens' No2 seed went out but I'd never heard of him. I can't remember his name. Maybe it's an age thing. However, I always think there is an element of The Emperors' New Clothes when it comes to Wimbledon. It aint as good as it's made out, mled by the BBC. And, as mentioned in an earlier post this week, tennis is the only sport where the player/s get a round of applause for having used the toilet, eg,

1. Player asks umpire for the proverbial "comfort break" and
leaves the court.

2. Player returns to rounds of applause.

3. What has the player done to deserve the applause?

Apart from that, everything's fine thanks! :o)

It's because they've used the big boy toilet and not the potty, obviously.

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