Money Grubbing Lawyers On Strike.......

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ToraToraTora | 09:34 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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....who's going to notice? Please stay out as long as possible.
There is nothing in law that says anyone actually must have a lawyer anyway.


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People who have spent a lot of money and possibly waited for years to get the civil case heard will notice.
Victims of crime will notice when the defendants' trials are postponed.
The rich wouldn't go into court without the best lawyers money could buy. I wonder why that is?
Why is this in Film, Media & TV?
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ED please move to news.
// There is nothing in law that says anyone actually must have a lawyer anyway. //

Try people without a qualified defender? Cut to the chance and jail them without a trial like Russia, China and all the other countries you admire.
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I'm not suggesting that for a minute Gromit just reminding people that self defence is an option.
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They want 25% for gawd sake! Having a Turkish!
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I’m amazed!!
Currently on strike but these are not 5C lefty poltroons looking to undermine the government and British society with their subversive behaviour?
Why would that be I wonder?
Caught between elitist graspers and lefty agitators today we see.

What a quandary. :-)
What’s ‘Money Grubbing’?

Asking for a friend, apparently you give free English lessons?
ED please move to the reserved crazy place
jokes or somewhere

The is criminal bar trike by the way
civil case are / should be unaffected
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Ah, so it’s hyphenated? Lol!
All these high wage demands and strikes are due to the big rise in the cost of living.
The Government’s failed economic policies have resulted in record inflation. When the cost of everything has gone up, people want paying better. They are not lefty agitators, they are people struggling to make ends meet.

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Money Grubbing Lawyers On Strike.......

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