Jimmy Saville - A British Horror Story - Netflix....

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ToraToraTora | 23:04 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Anyone watched this? I've just seen part 1, the clues where there weren't they?


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I always thought that he was creepy and insincere but I was totally shocked when the full story came out.

It is a pity that he died before it came to the public eye.
Over 3 hours here, if your interested ttt.

I will watch it.
Long, isn't it?!

I remember when he died, at the time some of us on here were saying Leeds airport should be renamed after him :-)
TTT. Do you mean the Jimmy Saville who was a big friend and house guest of Margaret Thatcher.
No, you both mean Jimmy Savile ;-)

If you ever wondered how to spell his name properly there is a very big clue in the correct version :-)
I can't bear to look at his face.
no fan of Margaret Thatcher but i would be surprised if she would have knowingly had a rampant paedophile as a house guest
Ael '12 46 Thatcher tried five times to get a knighthood for ...Sir Jim
Where did you get that from, Gulliver?
^ which probably corroborates my post
//In the 1990 Queen's Birthday Honours, Savile was made a Knight Bachelor "for charitable services", entitled to use the honorific prefix Sir. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had made four attempts to have him knighted before succeeding in her final year in office.//
Of course all this was before his fall from grace.
this personal story

says the first time he heard allegations was 1987, though as he points out Savile himself had semi-confessed in an autobiography back in 1979; but nobody enquired any further. It seems Mrs T was undeterred by civil service objections, on four previous occasions, to knighting him. Did she enquire further? Presumably not.
There's a Savile Close in Beverley, Yorks.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing gulliver. I don't think you were around but just do a search on here and see how many posters thought he was a 'truly great man' at the time of his death. Many of even the brightest people had no idea of his odious past.
Bid friends were Thatcher and Sir jim the Pedo, Naomi.
and HRH Prince Chas?
Gulliver, you are referring to a time before Savile's crimes were known.As usual you are ignoring the truth.
13.14 Wrong again Danny , as usual I am telling the truth , sorry if it discredits your beloved Tory Party and A p/m even worse than the one you helped put into power at the moment.
Thanks danny.

Gulliver. some people may have suspected there was something going on with him but of course his crimes weren't generally known about at the time. Don't be silly. He'd have been arrested.
He was very popular generally among the establishment, including Charles and Diana, the Queen, Prince Philip etc. He was also very well ingratiated with New Labour and Tony Blair. That's why he seemed to be "untouchable". It seems rather juvenile to single out one politician out of the whole societal apparatus that was taken in, for special criticism.

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Jimmy Saville - A British Horror Story - Netflix....

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