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Eye Crossword 777

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NinjaCrossworder | 23:15 Wed 24th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
7 Answers

Last few to finish


What jailbird does to 'bring up rear' in interval (4,3)

T??? L?g

21 ac

Will confirmed as authentic degenerate on quitting (7)


16 DN

Barney boobs - virtually a feature of the campaign trail (6,3)

????d? B?s

15 ac 

"Dread pub" , old boy" I start to admit (6)


Thanks in advance






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11 time lag

21a (re)probate

16d Battle bus?

15a PH OB i a

Last one

Capitalise on trumped up top lie about vote (7)

Question Author


My last one is 26down, Who will scrape up the mess of profligate Republican? (5). I have R?K?R so I think there is only one word that fits, which can mean one to scrapes up mess in the garden. However I don't understand the rest of the clue. Can anyone enlighten me please? Who is the profiligate Republican referred to?

Mj,  a 'rake' is a profligate, waster, then add R for Republican.

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Eye Crossword 777

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