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goodgoalie | 13:29 Fri 07th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Someone in another thread mentioned Meena, so here are a couple of questions (among many):

How and where was Manpreet going to the toilet all the time she was tied to the bed?

How did Harriet (now miraculously back in the police) and the regular policeman not notice the marks on the door where the padlock had been?

The actor playing Meena has got a little better, but that's not saying much!


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Added to which - how did she get Manpreet out of the cottage with being seen and where is she now (unless I fell asleep and missed something) farcical storyline
... and where did she get that large bag she put the body in?
totally unbelievable story line, she wanders around the Dingles house not scared of someone coming back and as far as Mampreet in the binliner farce? so silly!
Oh I obviously did miss something- what happened
you didnt see her getting Manpreet off the bed only bunging her in the boot of her car in the dead of night, even that's barmy how could someone Meena's size throw a body over her shoulder and take it through doors to a waiting car? the writer wants sacked !
Question Author
And Manpreet's suitcase was still in her bedroom
Oh blimey trust me!!
The soaps haven't yet got round to showing people going to the toilet - but one day ! ! ! ! !
She did mention a toilet break at one point Canary , her clothes ( and knickers) must be minging by now, bleughhh
She may be in a large bin-bag....but that doesn't mean she's not still alive (trust me!).
The thing that really gets me about E'dale...the whole cast spend their days wandering around the village, doing nothing but bumping into each other. And don't get me started on the "shop"!
Spoiler alert - I've seen a photo of Manpreet sitting on straw on a barn alongside Vinny - so presume Meena kidnaps him too. Its getting too ridiculous for words but it is amusing seeing her keep popping up in doorways when the police are searching or people are looking for clues.
well you missed one canary
chas dingle a while ago sat on the pub bog having as pee and chatting to another actor forgot who
which one is this?
meena the moaner ?
// The soaps haven't yet got round to showing people going to the toilet - but one day !//

there is one film with the line ( wivda sozza) " chrissakes what is that? it smells like something has crawled up your butt and died"
so it MAY have already occurred

oh and in Medium, Allison Du-boyz ' brother says at one point to a ghost he can 'see' - what is this with you and men's jarnz?

the ghost keeps appearing in bathrooms

makes sense to me
They do the 'not going to the toilet when tied up' thing a lot in soaps but I wish they would hurry up with the Meena storyline. They've drawn it out too long.
when meena tied up her sister first, the sister said she needed the toilet, that was way back in the day, I can'tr remember when this all started but the meena said, she will give her the bedpan (cos she is a nurse ) they covered that one earlier - what i don't like about this story is, it was covered before years ago when the lady with the long hair kept her father prisoner in his bedroom. Can't think of her name but her dad was the pub landlord and she was mother to someone that a chimney landed on her head and killed her - cannot believe i am typing such nonsense haha

It's almost as if the actress who plays Meena has begged the writers to keep her from being caught as otherwise she'll be out of a job! The storyline is ridiculous
Minging meena - I hung on for it tonight
she's evil - she's sooooooo evil....
and the lads are a bit gormless - are they like that nornally?

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