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goodgoalie | 13:29 Fri 07th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Someone in another thread mentioned Meena, so here are a couple of questions (among many):

How and where was Manpreet going to the toilet all the time she was tied to the bed?

How did Harriet (now miraculously back in the police) and the regular policeman not notice the marks on the door where the padlock had been?

The actor playing Meena has got a little better, but that's not saying much!


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Ducksie - are you thinking of Steph (Lorraine Chase) kidnapped her father Alan Turner?
I don't watch Emmerdale, but reading through this makes Corrie these days look like serious drama!!
And I thought Corrie had got ridiculous!
Only two things wrong with Emmerdale i.e the script writers and the so called actress who plays Meena.Sack them all and employ replacements who live on this planet.
Question Author
danny, it's not the scriptwriters who are responsible, it's the producers and the storyliners, as it's they who plan and set the stories months into the future. Each episode is blocked out with what is to happen and what characters are involved and that is then handed to one of the team of ten or so scriptwriters to put flesh on the bones - though I don't know who or how it's decided which scriptwriter gets which episode. Same with Corrie.

This is why one episode that ends on a cliffhanger can be written by one writer, and the next - which starts from where the previous one ended - is written by someone else. The writers really have little say in the long-running storylines.
Well done, of the few who know that scriptwriters add words to the daft storylines that have already been decided.
Good goalie, thanks for that info.It is obvious that the present system isn't working.

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Meena In Emmerdale

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